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Shi Feng walked on the path towards the town hall, crowded with people.

The less than spacious road was filled with players. They were conversing with the NPCs, taking the chance to obtain a Quest. Such a scene gave one a feeling of arriving at a market.

Unfortunately, it was not an easy task obtaining a Quest in God’s Domain. The main reason being, the NPCs had high intelligence, giving them the capability to hold one-to-one conversations. 『To acquire quests, you first have to pass through the various quests guilds with high intelligence. This is why a lot of those NPCs are very interested by you and interested in acquiring quests.

As for obtaining quests by yourself, the difficulty is pretty high. Just talk to a high-level NPC and you can obtain them in a short time.』


At the start, the town hall was busy with numerous people.

If I were there, I would definitely have been unable to walk in such a crowded environment. It would be more understandable if people were running around aimlessly.

However, when the main NPC of God’s Domain was here, he walked towards us and began to engage in conversation.


「Oh~ What did you say?」

I could sense a sudden change in his mood, but his face immediately became pale and cold, causing him to look at him with a face filled with coldness.


Shi Feng's face gradually loosened up and became pale white.

He then turned and walked away from the window looking into the darkness…..



「Who the fuck are these idiot children?!」

Wang Wei was running around on the beach one moment, and the next moment…..

The little girl was already standing on top of top of a little boat.

I tried to hold onto her but the girl started to laugh.

'Who is this little fellow…..'

The little girl was laughing so much that it seemed like she had gone into the ocean without breaking through its seaweed.

The girl also laughed so hard that the little boat couldn't take it anymore. And then just at that moment…..

A bright light was being fired through that little boat which had just started to swim.

Shi Feng was standing up and the girl jumped up from the boat.

She looked at them together.

She looked so beautiful.

She was so beautiful because of what they were hiding.

No, she wasn't hiding nothing.

She was smiling like she had never been so proud of after all those years from her childhood.

But all that she could feel is that feeling of the fear that kept her from showing how she felt.

Wang Wei smiled as he saw what this girl had seen.

He knew that little Wang, the idiot, was a girl because when she first seen them, he was still in his childhood. Shi Feng had become aware of it many time years ago, but he couldn't find a reason to take it. If Wang Feng could make you feel something, why wouldn't he do it now?

"Wang Wei, you will never get in trouble?" Shi Feng asked, with a smile,

Wang Wei's face fell and he stood up.

Shi Feng was a person who never would stand in front of the slightest problem, and so he looked at Wang Wei with a smile on his face: "Little Wang will still survive."

Wang Wei was stunned as he started trembling, his mind immediately went blank.

He saw Shi Feng's silhouette and understood his condition, and could feel as though his entire body was frozen.

What he felt was like boiling water.

Wu Ying, Wang Shi and Wang Shu couldn't get out of Wang Wei's grasp, unable to move a single inch forward.

No matter what they looked at, Shi Feng was frozen in place as he remained still.

Wu Yin was looking at Shi Feng with her face that had a look of worry. She wasn't able to feel anything in her face now that there was the shadow of darkness about.

"Haha, you were lucky. A few days ago, you were injured and died. As for this, Shi Feng, how can you be so careless? There were many people that followed behind you to come and snatch you up."

"Why would I give up the opportunity to take someone with me?"

"You still do not understand, you need to listen to the words he speaks."

The moment people saw the silhouette, they knew that Wang Wei was in danger again and that the enemy was following behind him like a deer.

"What kind of person are you that you cannot even take care of yourself!"

Wu Yin smiled and asked anxiously, "Shi Feng, what are our names?"

"Let's call ourselves the 'Nine Treasure Gazing Clans'. We were originally part of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and were members of the Six Great Sage Emperors, who have taken over our place and are now the leaders. The Three Sacred Treasures which belonged to the Three Great Emperors and two of our families were all destroyed during the Great Calamity. We are the only family left, and with our knowledge and abilities, our position will never fall."

Wu Yin was about to say that he is part of Wu Xiaomiao. Wu Xiaomiao is the successor of the four of them after they died in the Great Calamity and he is the only one left left to stand by himself. He had not made any enemies and so the enemies are following behind him and want to kill him in order to take back the power.

Wu Yun looked around and asked, "Shi Feng, the enemy is chasing us?"

"We heard that the enemy is coming at us so we thought that we should take the opportunity to act to help them out." Shi Feng replied.

Wu Yan who was carrying the large wooden box came forward and picked up the wood box which was tied on his back.

This was the only method to stop the pursuers from getting to him and thus was something the two brothers liked to do; they wanted to take care of their bodies on a regular basis.

"It will be nice if we can save the lives of those four as well as the other disciples. Let's go. We will see how the situation is." Shi Feng said and went towards the exit where Wu Yun was leaving. When they left they could look outside while walking and the night sky was clear.

"You did not want to go to the forest of black trees after everything happened?" Lin Hu Yu asked surprised. There was no one who knew about the place.

"The place is a sacred place… You shouldn't go into the forest." Lin Hu Yu said.

"You should." Shi Feng said. Then he walked out of the forest.

Wu Yun came back without saying goodbye or anything. He had come up from a deep sleep, and with his eyes closed, he took out three of the four holy weapons that were there in the storage room, then threw them over his shoulder.

He had never used that kind of weapon. With this weapon that was a holy weapon, he could kill just about anyone in front of him, and even in front of the disciples they didn't have any chance. But this weapon was also quite expensive so if he wanted to protect them, he was very certain about it.

"I'll keep them." Shi Feng said. He turned around, and he suddenly looked at Lin Hu Yu and Shi Xing Yu, and shouted loudly.

"Shi Feng, don't tell us too much, let us know one or two secret techniques from the Profound Sky Sect! That way it would be even more convenient for us!"

Lin Hu Yu slightly nodded, and said very respectfully.

When everyone was listening to Shi Feng and Shi Xing Yu's instructions, they immediately understood, all three of them were experts of the Profound Sky Sect. Furthermore, the Profound Sky Sect had so many people there, the ability to be able to kill them was truly incredible. If everything went according to plan, everyone would finally be able to see their faces through the clouds, and see their deaths before their very eyes. At that moment, everyone felt a wave of excitement coursing through their body, they started to talk excitedly. They spoke words their entire lives. Those words were all they needed to make the situation seem quite normal again and make their family live forever even though they couldn't even see their own relatives after all.

Shi Feng felt slightly shocked and slightly embarrassed. He looked towards his father. He didn't want to face them again, he didn't want them to kill the others!

His father smiled slightly and replied. "You guys are only trying to provoke me into going to the Profound Sky Sect, do you think that it would be easy to kill such individuals? I've been waiting for this day for a long time, it's already late for me to go to the Profound Sky Sect now, the Profound Sky Sect has all of those people within it waiting to kill us."

Shi Feng suddenly turned bright red.

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