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I don’t know what happened in the past two weeks to a month, but I’ve been getting more and more alerts somehow.... I remember the days when I might get one or two maximum, without even thinking about PMs. Now I have 2 constantly active PMs, and regularly get alerts. It’s a bit...weird? Since normally I’d never expect to get alerts like this elsewhere.

Oh well, just means more fun for me! Anyway, I’ll post a summary of AX when I’m not feeling sick. Maybe tomorrow.

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    1. AliceShiki Jul 11, 2019
      That's just what happens as you get more active, watched threads get replies, people tag you in profiles and you get replies in profile posts~

      Welcome to the popular life I guess! xD
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    2. Tilgarial Jul 10, 2019
      @Fossil well, you can check in any time you want~
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    3. Fossil Jul 10, 2019
      @Tilgarial, I am but I’mninactive right now due to reading ATG.
    4. Lurking Jul 10, 2019
      @Nyann me I dont need alerts.

      They come too many and browser crashes.

      Not on mobile tho thats fine.

      My mobile is stronker than laptop.
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    5. Tilgarial Jul 10, 2019
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    6. Nyann Jul 10, 2019
      Yup! ^^)/ @Tilgarial he said he wasn't in any before that's why I added him too! He is pretty nice
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    7. Tilgarial Jul 10, 2019
      @Nyann he's in our groups, isnt he?
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    8. Nyann Jul 10, 2019
      Hahahahahahaha *huggles* :bloblove:

      Who doesn't like alerts? :blobgift:
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