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It's kinda funny how many comments I can get in a single blog post a few minutes after it's posted... This never happened before, I had to wait hours to get a single reply in the past.

Suddenly poking all my followers with an alert when I make a blog made the section a lot more alive for sure... And at the same time a bit more scary, like...

Part of the reason I was comfortable with making very personal blogs in the past was because I knew the blog section was very very dead, so I knew almost nobody would see it anyways... Now I'm a bit more worried on what I can and can't say... It's a weird feeling.

Still, it's a good thing overall, I'm happy the blogs are more active now because of the alerts generated by it~

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    1. Ddraig Jul 11, 2019
      Yup it is the perfect feature to stalk someone
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    2. Jeanette Jul 11, 2019
      Ah the problems of having too many.
      *Wipes away imaginary tear while grinning*
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    3. AliceShiki Jul 11, 2019
      @Jeanette I mean, I'm 2nd in likes for a loooooong time now, and I'm only 200 likes away from the 1st spot anyways...

      Do I really need to care about likes? They just come naturally as you post! xD
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    4. Jeanette Jul 11, 2019
      "I do not care for likes" - billion like shiki
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    5. AliceShiki Jul 11, 2019
      @Ophious I don't care for likes though! xD
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    6. Ophious Jul 11, 2019
      Well at least you'll be able to rake in even more likes then ever before
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    7. AliceShiki Jul 11, 2019
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    8. Jeanette Jul 11, 2019
      *crowds around Alice*
      The more the merrier!
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