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For a while now I have been reading a manga, from Hachimitsu Scans, Fukakai na Boku no Subete O.

Hachimitsu frequently deals with some thought provoking stuff and especially with gender and sexuality issues, this story is especially big on those.

For now, take a look at those 2 pages from the most recent chapter:



This is very close to how I felt when I first realized I was attracted to people of the same gender... It's scary, you get afraid of what other people will think of you when you tell them about it, over what kind of reaction they'll have or what they'll say... If your relationship will be the same... If your friends will suddenly distance themselves from you because of some weird misconception that just because I like girls, I'll be interested in all girls in the world... All sorts of things like that ended up crossing my mind, I feel like these panels reflected those feelings well.

But... Sometimes we need to realize, that friends care for us, not for our sexuality, for our gender or for how we dress... They care for us, the person. Even if they have some troubling and kinda held back view, they'll generally accept you as who you are... Their reaction might be along those lines:




Of course the reaction is a bit exaggerated, nobody will say "I can Feel the Friendship", but... That's about how it goes. It's a "Thank you for telling me" or "I'm glad you can trust me with this", or just... "Oh... Okay I guess" at worst.

Or well, that's how it is supposed to go, and certainly how it went for me... I'm sure some people have stories of friends ostracizing them for their own sexuality or gender issues, but... I guess that just shows that friend wasn't really a friend worth keeping in the end, just make sure to choose people you trust to tell about yourself I guess~

I got really happy while reading this chapter... It was so simple, something that felt impossible to deal with for Mogumo, a burden that they could share with no one and constantly had a really hard time handling... Suddenly lifted of their shoulders just like that, accepted and could now be talked to normally.

Friends accept us for who they are if they care for us... Actually, it's a lot easier for friends to accept us than family actually, family keeps thinking about "what they did wrong", or if this isn't "just a phase" or afraid of us "going the wrong path"... Friends are simpler, they care for us, they wish us the best, and they accept our weird parts as they are~

It's good to have friends for sure~

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    1. AliceShiki Jul 12, 2019
      @Emmyy *hugs* Thank you Emmyy-chan!

      Well, I still have some stuff I don't end up saying though... There are some limits I don't cross... >.>
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    2. Emmyy Jul 12, 2019
      I love your honesty in your blogs! Revealing your inner feelings and thoughts is very always lay your feelings out raw and unvarnished.. I admire you AliceShiki!:p
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    3. AliceShiki Jul 12, 2019
      @Nargol That's fair enough I suppose, if you can't be accepted then you shouldn't stay friends... And at the same time, they're not any less of a person just because they couldn't accept you.

      @Arcturus Well, some things are really troublesome to keep hidden, and like... While I wish I could only say things when I had 99% sure it would go well, sometimes I have to content myself with the 80% in order to get things going! >.<
      I can understand the feeling of religious parents though... I pretty much can't discuss religion with my mom at all or I'll just get stressed... >.>
    4. Arcturus Jul 12, 2019
      Hmm. It's interesting. I consider myself a very private individual (and I am). For me, I wouldn't reveal something deeply personal about my sexuality/gender identity without being 99% sure that they would be ok with it. It's like the fact my mom is die-hard religious and so I don't talk about my views in that area with her. It sucks, but there is truth to the idea that you can't share everything with some people and expect your relationship to become stronger.
    5. Nargol Jul 11, 2019
      I would argue that this idea of "true" friendship is very twisted.

      This idea that, just because they can't accept you, somehow they are less.

      I've lost friends over similar things. They could not accept parts of me. We couldn't stay friends after that, but I don't blame them. If they find what I am or do immoral, we go our separate ways and that's that.

      I do agree with the feel of your post for sure; if your friends can't accept who you are, you should not be friends with them anymore.

      It's easy to feel hurt or betrayed when it happens, but I think it's important not to dwell on it or, in turn, judge them as somehow not "worthy".

      If you find a good friend, someone you click with, that's fantastic. But other than that you work with the friends you got, not the ones you wish you had. And part of that is accepting and respecting that they may not agree with everything you are or do.
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    6. AliceShiki Jul 11, 2019
      @Cutter Masterson Agreed on everything! Wish I had something else to say on reply, but you hit the nail right on the head! ^^)/
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    7. Cutter Masterson Jul 11, 2019
      I like the manga and your insight. I totally agree with your point of view.
      Really good friends will back you up and stand by your side through thick and thin. Those are true friends. If I hope for friendship like that I could do no less or be no less than that. Since I’m that way. I know their are others out there who feel the same. If the friend should prove less. Than they we’re never a good friend to begin with.
      At least that’s what I think.