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There was epidemic in cats. My brother and I were worried about our cats at home (we don't have pets irl) so we went home. The time has already reached the curfew and we were locked out of the gate of the community (this place... I've never been here irl, maybe it's just a setting created by my mind). My bother somehow managed to open the gate. He immediately went to the house and I followed. However, I saw a policewoman from the corner of my eye. The policewoman seemed to notice what we did but she let us go because she seems know we were part of the community. She reminded us to come home earlier than the curfew next time. I just nodded. As I entered the community, I saw some stray cats near one of the houses. They look like zombies. I shuddered and accelerated my steps. My brother didn't go to our home but entered our neighbor's. Our good neighbor took care of our cats when we're not around, together with their pet dogs. When I arrived there, I found that our pets are getting weak like they're sick. Although the puppies seemed to not notice as they played energetically with the cats. I told my brother about the house surrounded by stray (zombie) cats...

i can't remember what happened next. I also dreamed yesterday but my memory of it was completely wiped out when I remembered leaving my phone on the game interface before sleeping and I hurriedly tried to turn it on just to find it battery dead.

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