Daily prompt #4 - What kind of narrator do you want to write?



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I want to write a biased outside narrator. Someone who watches along with the readers and has no clue how the story will play out. An opinionated and candid spectator who will freely provide commentary, take sides, and make judgements on the characters. Someone with a flawed, limited viewpoint who sounds like just another one among many others looking in, and can only imagine what the characters are going through at best.


    1. Cascadian Rex Aug 14, 2019
      it is a little bit of a spoiler, but then again i don't mind telling it
      and I am not too dead set on what the relationship is yet...
      I am floating a few ideas, at one point I wanted some thing like and AI the mc end up making
      or the BFF the MC makes, but recently I am kind of toying with the idead of the narrator being a disease or curse that gain sentience through the MC's life

      I think your blogger idea could be a lot of fun. imagine having great side tracks about the food and restaurants the characters go to. also you can have rivaling bloggers trying to cover the story. or have competing accounts of the same event.
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    2. iampsyx Aug 13, 2019
      What the heck, that sounds really interesting. XD I'd read a story with just the slave/organ farm premise. So the narrator's identity will be revealed at the end? It makes sense, the narrator commenting on the MC's story, if they already "knew" each other. In my case the narrator would be a blogger of sorts who closely follows the events and characters of the story.

      What's the relationship between the MC and the narrator in yours? Or is it a spoiler
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    3. Cascadian Rex Aug 13, 2019
      hmm... it was a run of the mill transported/ summmon to other world story.... nothin ground breaking, the mc is brought to a fantasy world, to be a slave and/or organ farm. Escapes, only to find himself dying due to non-magic to magic world transfer... goes on to do fantasy world adventury things... wanted to throw in some political power struggles, play around with a plausable medivial guild system (like how it actually was, not the game-like type)
      *waves dissmissivly in the air*
      But forget all that, that is all just setting, what i am making is somethin that appears to be the origin story of the MC and how he grows as a person.

      BUT that is just one MASSIVE troll, cause the story is really the orgin story of how the NARRATOR meet the MC. or in some sense how the MC's actions "created" the narrator.

      if possible I want to go on from the ending into a new book about the narrator and in turn a new narrator will be there for that book.
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    4. iampsyx Aug 13, 2019
    5. Cascadian Rex Aug 13, 2019
      I have been working on something similar. Its a fun style, but in my story after a few pages, I realized I neglected to develop or flesh out the personality of the narrator, so i had to go back to the drawing board.
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