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As mentioned in a previous blog, I'll just be posting up some of my assignments. You're free to also utilize the links I had for my homework, most of them are online and don't require logins.

So for the First Assignment of Psych Class we have the Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Test

1) Do you Agree with the results, explain your reasoning?
2) What do you think about the Test itself?
3) How could you apply this information in your life?

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1) Spatial, Language & Self are my top three strengths and I can agree that I do favor these things. Spatially I enjoy art, I like looking at various sceneries and abstract stuff, as well as proportions. Language is a no brainer, since I like delving into other cultures and stuff, reading various stories and things like that, I also translate as a hobby, so there's that. And last but not least Self, reflecting on the things I do and doing blogs like this kinda support this assesment.

2) The process and standards of the test are scaled from 1 through 5. So I can see how it rates my intelligence based on my response. I think its very broad and general, a good gauge on seeing my top three strengths.

3) Applying this to my everyday life. I sort of already am doing all these things, the test itself isn't going to make me change my habits. It kind of already solidified what I already seemed to know inherently. If I wanted to apply some of these general findings, I would probably work on my not so strong areas. Like being more social and exercising would be a couple things I would need to work on more.

And that's pretty much it for my Pysch assignment. Feel free to take the test if you want a general idea of what strengths you have and maybe what you want to improve.

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    1. AMissingLinguist Sep 12, 2019
      Self: 3, Music: 2.29, Language: 2.14, Spatial: 2, Social: 1.86, Nature: 1.71, Logic: 1.57, Body: 1. I have such low stats. I feel like a trash mob character. :sushi_dead:
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    2. Kuro_0ni Sep 10, 2019
      @Bad Storm that's cool. Maybe you inherently do some interpersonal things habitually that you never actively noticed it.
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    3. Bad Storm Sep 10, 2019

      I got language, logic and self. I agree with language and logic, the self part was a little surprising.
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