Memory Journal #1 - Skinship



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I've never been close with guys IRL (I prolly don't even have one I can consider a friend except for a fudanshi classmate) so 'casual' touches like pats on the shoulder feel very weird to me. I can't even remember if my brother and I ever hugged in our entire lives!...Oh wait, there was that time. But he was in a very emotionally vulnerable place so it probably doesn't count.

On the other hand, I'm quite touchy-feely with a number of females. For example, my high school classmates and I would playfully poke each other in the stomach whenever we met or teased each other. (Thinking about it now, I feel like my pokes were more like jabs? I probably wasn't able to judge my strength plus I was the tallest...oh, dear. :sweating_profusely:) Since most of them were much shorter than me, I would also often hug them from behind and place my chin on the top of their heads when we're standing by and waiting for something.

My little sister claims to be touch-averse, so she hates it when I try to hug her. (I really miss that cute, smol kid who had to be pacified with cuddles when sulking a storm and would cling to me while sleeping.) That doesn't stop her from doing that girlfriend-hugging-boyfriend's-arm thing to me when we walk together tho. :blobrofl:

My mother tho — she LOVES to pinch and stroke the fleshy inner part of my upper arms when she's watching something. That skinship I definitely do not like. There were quite a few times she wanted me to sit next to her and let her do that to her heart's content in exchange for a favor. :blobthumbsdown:

But out of them all, my best friend is the one who is not shy with touching at all. We hug a lot especially when meeting and saying goodbye, and we even hold hands when walking. As per her words: "It's not like you're an outsider" (i.e you're practically family) which always makes the dead, empty hole in my chest warm up a bit. Skinship doesn't feel weird at all when you've already shared clothes and showered together with the other person.


    1. Aho Sep 11, 2019
      I love skinship too~ this blog was made so fluffy!
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    2. Bielt Sep 10, 2019
      @iampsyx I didn't knew it was a journal~
      Ofc you are cute~ you are my cute anego!

      Well hugs are a common form of greetings~
      So I have never been bothered by hugs~
      Reading your journal actually made me remember somethings from when I was younger~
      Cause I also used to hug and place my head on top of other people~ XD
      Being tall is so fun~♪
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    3. Nefasdetestasti Sep 10, 2019
      @iampsyx it's so fcking obvious that they have a hidden motive towards you with that touchy feel they do.
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    4. AliceShiki Sep 10, 2019
      @iampsyx What kind? Just hugs and a kiss in the cheek maybe? Usual stuff I think.

      As for whom, uhn... All of them I guess!? xD

      And yeah, it's a lot easier online for sure~
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    5. GonZ555 Sep 10, 2019
      Feels like yuri scene in the making~ :blobwhistle:

      Joke aside, i think it's pretty normal. I dont like hugging & patting, etc. I feel awkward doing it. But some of my friends are fine with it. Some even sneak up and hard slap each other's back every time we had a meet up.
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    6. iampsyx Sep 10, 2019
      @Nefasdetestasti It's always those uber-friendly guys who don't seem to get it tho. XD

      @AliceShiki What kind of skinship? Close friends, acquaintances, distant relatives or family?

      But yeah, it's so much easier to give away hugs and glomp everyone when you don't actually have to step into each other's personal space. XD

      @Bielt It's a memory journal tho! So real stuff that happened to me. :blobrofl: And what are you talking about? I've always been cute! :blob_pout::blobuwu:

      How is it normal in your country?
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    7. Bielt Sep 10, 2019
      I thought it's would be about skinning someone and using their skin to make something~

      It's actually a very cute side of you psyx~
      Well skinship is actually normal thing on my country so I didn't really ever thought about till now~
    8. AliceShiki Sep 10, 2019
      Oh, I can understand that, I usually feel pretty troubled by skinship too tbh... But I'm trying to change that... Dunno, I think I'll feel more comfortable on day to day life if I'm used to it~

      Which is... Kinda funny considering how I like virtual hugs and stuff~

      But at the end of the day, I think we should only do what we're comfortable with, no need to push the boundaries if things are fine as is I guess?
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