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Sprite of the Forest was the name given to the faeries that lived in the forest as the naming implied. They were said to take the form of beasts or tree-like beings. At other times, they appeared almost human-like. Unlike a demon, they would not attack a human, and were instead rather helpful creatures. If a child came in search of some herbs for their sick mother, they would not only gift the child with the herbs but also guide them to the exit. If a hunter was stranded and exhausted, they would guide him to a spring. Such were the tales that abounded in regards to the Demon Forest.

Unlike the Four Great Sprites like the sprite of fire and water, they would not lend their powers when using a special skill or magic. Nor was it known how they could be summoned but similar to the other sprites they had no tangible form. They were affectionately called Sprite of the Forest, discernible only by their indistinct features and friendliness to humans.

“Oh, come on now, Capt’n. There’s no way you’d be able to see a sprite of the forest so clearly. It’s obviously a girl,” interrupted the calm retort.

What a relief. For a moment there, Mariella had been pondering on how to answer the question.

A young man with flaxen hair climbed down from the iron-clad carriage. He looked to be about sixteen or seventeen years of age. The same as Mariella. He smiled warmly, causing the slits of his narrow eyes to close even further.

“Yes, well. She was dressed a bit unusually.”

Hmmm. I suppose the herb skirt could have been a bit too much on the vanguard….maybe?

“It’s a monster repellent skirt,” replied Mariella, trying to plead her cause by explaining the usefulness of her herbal skirt.

“Well, anyway, you from the dungeon city?” all in vain as Captain Dick ignored her reply and continued his questioning.

His speech soon took on a blunt tone as he realized that it was a human being he was talking to. Dick, being a rather large, stern looking fellow, exuded a rather overpowering presence over Mariella.

“Hey, hey. The thing that you threw, it was a monster repellent potion, right? You still have more?” interrupted the narrow slit eyed youth again, barging into the conversation between Mariella and Captain Dick.

Slit-eyes seems awfully friendly. Wonder if it’s all right for him to be barging into his Captain’s conversation like this? And what’s that thing they mentioned – a dungeon city?

Mariella slid a quick glance at the captain. He seemed to be eyeing her rather suspiciously.

Oh, that look in his eyes! It’s like a cat eyeing a mouse, really. What they’d call a predatory look, I think. Hmmm, then I suppose slit-eye’s reaction is also an act?

They’re an armored carriage convoy that makes run on the highway through the Demon Forest without using any repellent potions………

And a dungeon city? What kind of city is that? What happened while I was asleep? Maybe it was a bit unwise to have come out like this.

“I only have these potions left. I had need of some money suddenly and was on my way to sell them,” warily replied Mariella as she opened her pouch to show its content. She already regretted sticking her neck into the thick of things by letting her loneliness get the better of her. It wasn’t as if she were lying and she was careful not to say anything that was best left unsaid.

(Yep, going to be at least 6)