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Having self-restraint is very hard when everything that tempts you is right at your finger tips. But by knowing your own limits, knowing when to stop before it gets too much, keeps us from becoming too indulgent.

I find that paying attention to my own limits is fairly easy when I want it to be. Which leads me to what happened today. I went to a buffet.

The journey wasn't that long as train rides were always fun when you could watch the scenery go by. The food was delicious, but with so much in sight...within arms reach, there were just too many temptations. Not that it mattered...I was full with just one plate. I still remember the days where I could easily go for at least two/three plates (but maybe because the food was different...who knows it's been too long since I was at a buffet) and dessert. Now my stomach is either too small or I finally know when to stop.

Coming home we were all tired and were drifting off to sleep. All in all it was a fun day to spend outside, even if it was raining and started to pour as we drove back. It was a day well spent.

Our surroundings are clear.
The target is in sight.
Conscious and self assured.
We will not fall into plight.

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    1. Spfere May 19, 2017
      Hmm... I think car is quicker here, as public transport is also in traffic, and I can't take train anywhere unless I want to go someplace further away... And I hate the bus so cramped seats no rooms for my legs.
      Singing yes, works for a while, turn up the music sing along *nods* 'tis kinda fun.
      And I don't trust people enough to just not grab my laptop bag while on public transport if I am asleep...
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    2. BlancFrost May 19, 2017
      @Spfere I listen to the radio or sing to keep me awake lol
      Oh nice to be in walking distance~ public transport is a pain but it saves time. Better that than being stuck in traffic.
      I read novels while on the train too, rarely take naps unless I'm really tired. No chance of stealing here \o/
    3. Spfere May 19, 2017
      Mmmmmm, it is, I usually keep a pack of chewing gums when driving as chewing keeps me awake and alert.
      But nice sunny weather is great to take a nap in~ and allows me to rest my eyes from evil sun fufufu~
      But I walk to and from work so no driving.
      And I rarely ride on trains, was almost a year since I was on a train last now :3 I only read novels at that time tho~ didn't dare sleep, too much electronics with me, didn't want someone to just grab my bag and run off with it.
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    4. BlancFrost May 19, 2017
      @Spfere pfft poor you~ well three hours will go by before you know it! Then home time will finally come! It's bad when you feel sleepy while driving though...happens to me when the weather is just perfect for lulling one to sleep.
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    5. Spfere May 19, 2017
      mm rocked to sleep by the train sounds nice~ wish I had something similar, but I can not take a nap where I am, as I must work! *cri*
      But soon I can go home, only 3 hours more! /o/
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    6. BlancFrost May 19, 2017
      @mrawesome69 I didn't think of that...gah but don't think they even did take-outs. It was an all you can eat buffet with an unlimited time to eat it :/

      @Spfere naps are tempting after eating a good meal~ I think the rocking of the train lulled everyone to sleep though lol
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    7. Spfere May 19, 2017
      I know what you speak of... I want to take afternoon nap after lunch now nyah! Fish so tasty... Couldn't stop had to get more servings and went for seconds... And then pudding so good~
      But all afternoon left to work no naps to be had, no sleep, evil work
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    8. mrawesome69 May 19, 2017
      You should have grabed some to take home
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