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She thought it would be lucky if she could even get 1 silver coin, equal to 100 copper coins, for all nine bottles. But what did they offer?

He said Large silver, didn’t he? Not just one but FIVE Large silver coins, right?
That’s like 10 silver is equal to 1 Large silver so ….50 times more?!
Was there been a super inflation? Maybe it cost 50 copper coins now to buy a loaf of bread?

As Mariella stood frozen in shock, Captain Dick hurriedly added on.

“Ah, yes, well. That’s right, the effectiveness of the potion is apparent from the reactions of the forest wolves. It’s almost as if it was freshly made. So, how’s about we say, maybe 1 gold coin instead?”

I just froze for a moment there and the price just went up even more. It even doubled. I mean, it’s like 200 times more than the normal price?...What the …………What’s with all this!??

Author notes - Monster repellent potions – Works best on doggie-type monsters. Humans don’t sense it much. …….The price – around 5 copper coins = 500 yen.

Mariella - Here I thought maybe I could finagle 1000yen from them for a 500yen potion, and they go offering me 100,000yen for it……

Well, that was really short. Maybe a little more then?

The City in the Ruins

She still couldn’t understand why they would be willing to pay more than 200 times the going rate for the monster repellent or low-level potions. But since she had been intending to sell the potions, she considered it a blessing that she would not have to go looking for a buyer now.

Their negotiation concluded with the price Captain Dick offered. 1 gold coin for the nine potions, including the potion Mariella had used to chase the forest wolves away. Mariella removed the three repellent potions and the five low-level potions from her pouch and gave it to the captain. He carefully placed them into a chest. The chest had a magic circle engraved on it that was used for long-term preservation.

Isn’t that a chest they’d use for preserving high-level potions? A magic artifact that prevented the water of life from escaping and preserve the effects of the potion for many years.

I maybe an alchemist but even I don’t have one of those. It’s darn expensive and you have to use a magic stone to make it work.

And now I’m going to go eat lunch, late and short.

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