Weird Childhood Dreams; the Second Coming



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So i was recalling the Tim Burton dream with my mom and she mentioned a recurring dream I had when I was young.

It was a field trip with students I didn't know, with a teacher I didn't know. When the bus stopped, we all walked out in a line out onto a barren piece of land.

However, when I turned around, the bus was gone, leaving just us kids and this middle-aged nerdy guy. I had no idea how, but I instinctively knew this place we were on was floating in empty space.

Maybe it was the purple-blackish space surrounding the place we were standing. At this time, the teacher walked to the edge and warned us to not get close or we would fall forever and ever since the bottom of the space connected to the top.

And then I pushed the teacher. And in my head, I could hear his yells as the doppler effect happened. And everyone could see as the teacher fell past us over and over again, like that infinite portal effect from Portal.

So all of us kids just lined up along the edge of the floating section, looking over the edge. And then it happened. I fell forward over the edge. I could feel the falling feeling that we all know of, but it got more and more apparent as I saw the floating section kept passing me by. Over and over. Then I could feel it physically.

I was sinking into my bed. It felt like I was pressing deeply into my mattress, which made me aware of the fact I was in a dream. And since I was a kid, I woke up scared from misunderstanding.

That was how it ended.

The first time, anyway.

Yeah, that is right. I had the same dream again a couple years later. The whole thing happened again, but this time, I woke up just after pushing the teacher off the edge.

So yeah.

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      Well, at least you are a survivor... in a sense :hmm:
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