Why is this keep happening to me?



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why is this happening to me?
when I am reading a modern type of novel I will always crave reading historical novels like when I read The novel's extra novel, I am always thinking about what to read after I finish it, but when I think what to read, my mind keep to telling me to read a cultivation type of novel. it always happened every time I finish an modern novel but when I am reading historical novels I craving to read modern novels...
why is it keep happening to me?
is it some kind of reading habit?
can everyone explain what is happening to me?

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    1. Bad Storm Nov 5, 2019
      I don't know why too. I could only relate :blobjoy:
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    2. Emmyy Nov 4, 2019
      Haha clickbait title..I expected a dire scenario..confessions rejected..fate screwing with you lol..:eek:
      I would say you want to mix it up when you read..I like to do that myself flip between novel genres I will read anything besides BL never read one( sorry to all the fans..just not my thing)
      Alot in one genre seem to have similar attributes so I like to switch so I don't get bored w/ the similarities..
      and it might depend on your mood...sometimes I love to get lost in the jianghu other times I want to be in a modern day setting..
      So that might be why you switch around?:p

      So many choices... so little time...so few updates(another reason I flip around)
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