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...Who am I really?
This question of which I could not get an answer despite an incalculable number of sleepless nights.
Am I really the person in front of my mirror, the same one who is writing to you day after day, where am I someone else?

...Can I really claim to be someone, when all of our world, our reality is only the observation and definition of our own being?
Can not I model this reality as I please?
To no longer suffer, no longer be alone in my own mind.

...Nobody chooses to be born, just as no one decides to leave reality that one has built without any answers.
Can we claim to be happy in this case?
To see the world evolving so spookily that we can question existential laws, but still have no satisfactory answer to our own existence.

...Tell me, I really exist?
I'm afraid not to exist, to be alone in this eternal cold of this senseless existence.
To never know the real happiness of having these answers.
...But tell me whoever reads me, do you really exist?

...I faint again in existence~


    1. Lurking Nov 10, 2019
      I dont see categories

      I see notifs from ppl im following
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    2. Kira Miki Nov 9, 2019
    3. Lurking Nov 9, 2019
      Eh. I was almost concerned and going to empathise but it was an art essay.

      Label that somewhere:blobthumbsdown:
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    4. Kira Miki Nov 8, 2019
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    5. Osamaru Nov 8, 2019
      @Emmyy XD Thanks? *pat pat pat pat*
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    6. Emmyy Nov 8, 2019
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    7. Emmyy Nov 8, 2019
      Your posts always seem so exceedingly fluffy full of *hugs * *pats* *noms* did you really write this or is @Zheya your ghostwriter haha and @Zheya what's up w/ no avi?:eek::p
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    8. Kira Miki Nov 7, 2019
      @Osamaru ...I was not talking about me in this blog, but it was an art essay ~
      But, thank you what you said can help ~