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The other day, I posted a blog about my slight attachment to food delivery apps. About my craving for fish. Fish which was so popular in my home, which I have been rather fed up of, but there is hardly any of those fish here...

Another guy drops in and comments, "Just buy a large salmon fillet at a discount supermarket and cook it properly for some good cheap fish across several meals every few weeks" ok. I appreciate it was a sincere suggestion. But, sorry... Salmon isn't what I was referring to. Nor is it available for cheap in supermarkets...

Precisely because most people won't understand which fish I am referring to I didn't mention the same. But seriously, man, people should use their common sense. Also I believe it's especially an Western attitude, to assume everything is global whatever is local in their place.

It's always a joy to celebrate, to get discounts. But my another question is, what makes us, me shy to wish everyone across the forum a Happy Diwali? In India it's no longer a religious holiday just like Christmas... Much like the American holidays of Thanksgiving and Halloween... Why do I need to EXPLAIN my reason? And be told "Oh I don't celebrate it..." Why not just enjoy?

If we are talking about global trends, why not trends from all across the globe?


    1. Nyann Dec 3, 2019
      @Ddraig they probably found it offensive but idc
    2. Ddraig Dec 3, 2019
      2 star ratings on this blog? Weird. Especially considering that almost every single random blog is either not rated or rated 5 stars.
    3. Nyann Nov 29, 2019
      @mir Maybe?

      It's perhaps a general cultural frustration rather than more particular... Hmm but I don't wanna get into politics since it's banned in this forum... I am not just calling them dumb I am calling myself equally dumb for not doing the same when it comes to me.

      Also belated Happy Thanksgiving. I don't celebrate it, however it's no harm to greet is there?
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    4. mir Nov 29, 2019
      I think you are being a bit hypocritical there.
      'people shouldn't assume everywhere it's like where they are from'
      'why should I have to explain my holiday/ what it is like here to people not from here?'
      If you don't say it, how will they know? There is no way to know every holiday in every country.
      People saying "oh I don't celebrate that" is not meant offensively, it's just a statement. My neighbors don't celebrate Thanksgiving, I don't get upset at them for saying that, I just enjoy my holiday like I would anyway.
      On the forum, the Thanksgiving day thread is full of "I don't celebrate that" or "what is that" posts.
      The guy who recommended salmon was being a lazy thinker and making assumptions, and was stupid for it, yes.
      But you didn't mention the fish you meant so why is it his fault that he didn't read your mind about it?
      If you want people to know about holidays or trends somewhere other than where they live, why not share the trends where you live? You can swap info, learn more about many places. Make it a positive thing instead of getting annoyed about it.
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    5. Evil_Ginger Nov 29, 2019
      Now, as for the "Happy Holidays" thing. I work in retail so that is the 'preferred' phrase.

      But in texas, we can say whatever. Some Texans might actually complain that you dont say Merry Christmas or whatnot.
    6. Evil_Ginger Nov 29, 2019
      I honestly thought you meant me because this conversation was several...days? Ago? I dont remember since I slept since then. Anyways, I thought you meant me and I was like :blobpensive:

      And then I thought:hmm: wait, did I say salmon? I would have suggested tilapia as that is the cheapest fish in my region for cost benefits.

      And so I searched and discovered you weren't referring to me :blobparty:

      But yeah. The way I see it, if people dont take the time to ask some questions (like I did :blobneutral:) then they run the risk of appearing stupid.

      Well, I'm stupid. But that is different.

      Since I try to do my best to get an accurate feeling across the internet, i need to do the same irl. But that is hard. I obviously dont care about irl so I dont take the time to bother to appear caring. :blobconfounded: that is probably also leading to my own personal issues too.

      But Americans generally dont care about anyone but themselves. I mean, I am surprised that no one is saying this blob is bald Trump planning on running Mexicans.


      Completely accurate and in no way offensive amiright :blobnobully::blob_plusone:
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    7. Nyann Nov 29, 2019
      @An Anime Addict the irony is those idiots (the ones who judge, not a race in general) don't know a single word of Indian language... And they insult some of us for not being good in their language... Just learn a few words to understand them better?

      The same applies within India tho. The language in which the other speaks and is not good is always seen as "inferior". Forgetting that vice versa, they don't know the language at all...

      And yeah apparently, foreigners, judgemental or not, don't know English is also a major language in India unlike Japan, Korea etc...
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    8. An Anime Addict Nov 29, 2019
      You see nyan, the same happens when someone, say from india doesnt speak English fluently and then some Americans come and insult them. It makes me think how these morons don't even know that English is 2nd or maybe even the 3rd choice of language for more than 98% of the people here. Heck, at least we know more than one language even if we are not accustomed to speaking it as it's too rare for someone to speak in some other language than their mother tongue while even if they learn Spanish or French or whatever they still aren't able to properly speak 2 lines and that's a majority for them so what gives them the right to belittle others when they themselves are the ones behind!?:blobdevil:
      NOTE- This was only targeted to idiots who don't know about their own ignorance and think that they are superior to others so please don't get offended.
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