Been following [Skip Beat!] for 10 year. but i still cannot forget it.



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I been following Skip beat! for ten years whenever i almost let it go but i will still looking forward with new chapter every month. The romance have been going on very slow, between mogami and ren.
It felt weird for me cause if the manga updated very slow i will read at others manga first while waiting but after a while i will forget about it and i even don't remember the title and will not follow up with it.

However it is different for [Skip beat!] i still remember it even after few year past . The story is interesting for me and make me very eager to know when they will start confess toward each others, and start dating .

it have stuck in my mind like forever ,how they react toward each other have totally pull my heart.i think many people have also like me have been follow it for many year. My wish for 2020 is that if possible please update it more faster :cry: .i dont want to wait until i become an old grandma [when i imagine it i feel like crying ]:cry::cry::cry:.i know that what i saying maybe too unrealistic but i think i read before a comment at the manga discussion that he have been follow it from teenage until become 30 something. so please make my wish come true.

for those who want to read [skip beat!] i will be sharing the link here
Thank You For Reading .


    1. 25th bamm Jan 10, 2020
      wow, I have only been following for 7-6 years, y'all are amazing!
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    2. Lorielth Jan 9, 2020
      @Loni4ever same with me that what I feel I just want them to get together already.
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    3. blues86 Jan 9, 2020
      So it's still not completed. Then I'll wait another 5 years.
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    4. Anra7777 Jan 8, 2020
      I’ve been following since chapter 1 came out. I mean, Tokyo Crazy Paradise was the first manga I ever read on my computer, shared by a friend. Of course I was going to follow SB as soon as it came out. I do have long periods of time where I drop it for a while, though, but that’s the same for all manga. It’s now been a few years since I last read it, so it might be time to catch back up.
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    5. Loni4ever Jan 8, 2020
      I've been on and off following this manga for 10+ years too. I still remember the chapters a few years ago when Kyoko was playing the sister of Ren's role, and how closely they interacted during that time. And at the end of each chapter, I'd be wondering if there'd be some kind of confession in the next one, only for that to not be the case. Just get together, ok?!!??!?!?!? (╯°□°)╯︵┴─┴ XDD
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