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I wasn't a Fujoshi before. But when I read a shounen ai webtoon i can't help but squeal 'cute!!!' (///﹏///).。oஇ.

And so I saw the beauty of bl. Still, I'm quite picky with what I read. I prefer novels or manga with a shou [uke] who's not too feminine. How do I say this? It's not like all gays are like women, some are masculine too. So I mostly read manga which has characters that look absolutely straight but are actually bent. Do you guys have any novels or manga that you could recommend to me?

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    1. Matsurika Jan 12, 2020
      curious about the webtoon you read, title?
    2. kyuujunana Jan 11, 2020
      You should also try reading Genwaku no Kodou manga. This one is a real charm too, though i'm not sure whether you might like the drawing. There's also Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. They have adapted it into anime and this, i tell you, my dear, is definitely a must read and watch for every fujoshi out there.:blobmelt::blobpopcorn:
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    3. 25th bamm Jan 10, 2020
      You have to read Earth is Online. The MC is a shou but he's calm, collected, and very cool! haha the novel is also a good novel in general, it's not limited to only BL. The romance is slow-burn, I like that but you may not. Check it out!

      You can also try FOD. it's also really good. The romance progress a lot faster. Another shou but that boi is a king, I tell you! A king! He's cold and calculated, you can't mess with him! He probably has 10 different ways to deal with you and all of them will benefit him greatly. Enjoy!

      Edit: NU has a tag called "Seme Protagonist". If you don't already know, go to the "series finder" right side of the home screen and scroll down to "tags" and type "Seme Protagonist" in the "Include" box.
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    4. blues86 Jan 10, 2020
      I recommend Saezuru tori wa habatakanai, that's a bl manga that made me a fujoshi XD
      At first I thought, 'what's so good about this?' But I continued reading until about 5 chapters, I fell in love and I officially became a fujoshi.
      And every novel by Yoneda Kou are awesome. Mostly they look straight and somehow realistic. I just love all of them
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