Monokuma's Dining Tragedy!!



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Its been a while since i wrote something~ Too busy catching up to some novels recently. Anyway your Cute and Adorable Monokuma hopelessly appears~♡

Today I dine In a foreign restaurant near my school. They were serving fried chickens in various flavors so I tried it. The flavor options didnt really said what the chicken taste like so i randomly chose one.

I ordered a Chicken Rack with 6 chicken wings in it. A long journey towards regret soon arrives. ITS Spicy! I hate spicy food! I had a low tolerance in spicy food so tears of regret were shed.
But I just cant left since its TOO EXPENSIVE so i stomached the ache and suffering. Fortunately i ordered a large glass of tea also so its not too bad.

My forehead LITERALLY SWEATS every few seconds aftereach bite of the chicken that I lost count to how many times I had wiped my forehead.

Technique: Dont drink too much so that you wont be full too easily. You need the space for the food. Precise use and allocation is needed in order to finish a 2 persons meal

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