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The mind is the crown of a god. It is also a devil's workshop. Thus, it is the originator of all holy and devilry in the world. The heart simply functions as a compass for the mind. The mind alone remains indifferent to the change in the outside world. A macrocosm of an endless expansion towards the very boundaries of what is considered a reality. The truth did not matter, all the least to the mind, it was both the creator and destroyer of myriad worlds. The world was reshaped by the mind and the heart was the boundary to keep hold over what existed in and out the threshold of what truly could be acknowledged as real. Many in their trials of error have failed to realize that instead of remaking this world anew, they should have first venture deep inside their heart's desire and slowly step up towards their mind's ultimate power. Imagination! Imaginary power that could fold truth into one and unfold it into infinite layers of the same source. Imaginary power could overwrite what already has happened, but what differentiated imagination and fact? The fact was a mere byproduct of imagination, but the lifeforms of the physical world believed otherwise. In fact, they were absolutely wrong in believing that reality was the actual world they resided in, but in truth, they resided in only but a distant layer of what is imaginary to them in all their understanding. A realm which was not realm, but could function as one; and by the existence of such a realm, there countless worlds of myriad shapes and forms, with different laws governing the forces in them, all appear and disappear in an blink of an eye to their creators. Indeed, creation was the natural law of the cosmos. The cosmos itself could not hold everything the mind's true form presented, so the originator created layers of itself to allow countless wills to manifest into their respective worlds. The cosmos was grand in its expenditure of wills, and these wills took the shape of spirits with cores in the form of a soul. The soul transcended the boundaries of reality, since it could freely travel between one world to the next. What limited the soul's capacity to transcend what it could already, was the false judgment imposed over the lesser species of all creation. The mind conflicted, then again, allowed the birth of gods into these worlds. These gods assumed their authority as the supreme beings of their own myths; but they were only remnants of already existing monsters far beyond the exemplary behavior of the gods. Older than the gods were monsters, because they were monsters, they could not be named with such zeal or be remembered with uniqueness for they all belong to one insidious force of the cosmos. The truth was a matter of perception, and in the end, the monsters drove the gods mad. Mad in realizing their true origins and becoming more mad in realizing the futility of what their actual roles were in their worlds. They had no role. They simply existed to lessen the great burden of the mind. The cosmos needed duality. They needed a good and a bad. They needed a division of power, between gods and monsters. It was an almighty law that existed before the creation of creations. Now, lost in the very distant realm, another god is born into his respective myth. His name was not given, because unlike his predecessors, he was also a monster. An amalgamation of both sides; the fusion between good and bad. He inherited both traits of the divine and the demonic. An upstart in the beginning of his birth, the cosmos resounded with a shivering wake throughout all its layers. The cosmos with all its composites, actually felt the force inside him already on the verge of breaking the boundaries of what should exist or not. The mind and the heart served as governing order in chaos. So... this young origin, was the personification of inbreeding chaos. A chaos in the flesh from the roots of myriad worlds. An abomination chiseled to perfection, and the form it took was a he, though he resembled a she with his complexion and features too divine to be ignored. This youthful godly monster was the first of his kin, and with the opening of what could be interpreted as his eyes was the vision of the future. The child knew only mankind, for mankind was the mind's true roots in the cosmos. Indeed, there was no order in where and when how worlds were created in the cosmos. Time was not absolute and it was not exactly a realm to be considered with the least amount of what dimensions should be. The rules governing the realm of the mind with the heart as the compass only served to let out the overflow of soul-like energies coming from the mankind in the distant future. So the godlike monster took the form of its host, mankind. And on his ungodly birthright, he was named after the ancient civilization of martial gods and magical demons. His first name was in the world was Xen, but it was pronounced as Shen, meaning god in the ancient empire's tongue; but in the future it also meant alien. Thus, he was an alien god born as a human child on the main continent of mankind in the martial world. A world soon to be engulfed in chaos with his stillbirth.