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A poem about Alzheimer's by Owen Darnell

I remember seeing this on Facebook years ago and I stumbled upon it again recently.

It's hard to watch someone you love forget about you.
I just sent that to my mom, for my stepfather.
He's currently Sundowning.

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    1. 3EB Jan 15, 2020
      boi where is that LIKE BUTTON at?!
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    2. orematcha Jan 13, 2020
      I feel the need to hug everyone... (.づ◡﹏◡)づ.
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    3. Suton Jan 13, 2020

      don't feel too sad
    4. Anra7777 Jan 13, 2020
    5. GonZ555 Jan 13, 2020
    6. Loni4ever Jan 13, 2020
      That's a beautiful and bittersweet poem. I can't imagine what either party in this situation must be going through, but this certainly gives you a meaningful glimpse of it.

      Btw I thought I remembered that the brain area responsible for remembering movements was different than the areas responsible for other types of memory, and they aren't necessarily affected by the same stuff. And after a quick googling, that seems to be the case for Alzheimer's too

      I wonder what exactly that means :hmm: like maybe learning/practicing physical things like drawing or playing an instrument could be beneficial/calming in a way? Who knows though (´▽`)
    7. blues86 Jan 13, 2020
      It's true how hard it is to watch someone you love forget about you. My aunt also has Alzheimer. whenever I visit her, she always asks me "who are you?" I answer her but then a few minutes later, she will asks me again *hugs*
    8. Archaic pickle Jan 13, 2020
      Thank you little Lee *hugs*
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