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I got all my new clothes in the mail and while some of them fitted rather weird, they felt nice and I liked their designs. But I was lazy last night and just popped them all in the washer and dryer together like I would my normal clothes and...

They shrunk. They fit my shoulders better, now, but the length of the shirts barely cover my big belly and my jeans shrunk in the leg width and so my fat thighs feel like one of those pork loins with the net around it.

Oh well. At least I can just tuck in my shirts and use a belt. I may have to return the jeans.

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    1. Evil_Ginger Feb 8, 2020
      @Blitz I cooked the wagyu steak and

      I came
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    2. Blitz Feb 8, 2020
      'evil_ginger honestly from the title of the blog I thought you messed up the high-quality beef and cheddar sausages you got.

      @Lurking it's been a few years. I can't remember the exact method. :sweating_profusely:Google is usually your pal
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    3. Nefasdetestasti Feb 8, 2020
      now you know.
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    4. Fossil Feb 8, 2020
      I thought everything came preshrunk now? Either way, that's a shame.
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    5. leegood Feb 8, 2020
      ^o^) *pats*
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    6. Lurking Feb 8, 2020
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    7. Blitz Feb 8, 2020
      They're quite a few methods to treat shrunken clothes, look them up~