Ranting (Story #3)



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Today was such a shitty day and for multiple reasons.

I was just minding my own business, going through my usual day: checking outer sect disciples and flexing my young master status. I also wanted to flaunt myself in front of a my fiancé who was visiting my sect for diplomatic reasons. I knew he didn't really like me cause of how self-righteous I acted, but I really did like him and wanted to make him my husband. I'm sure that if I pursued him long enough, he'd eventually accept me.

When I arrived in her place to try to try my luck again, I saw a male outer sect disciple with her. He acted pretty close with her. Naturally, as her fiancé I had the right to be jealous, right? I admit I went kind of far as to insult him, but after I said some bad stuff, he isulted me back! And my fiancé defended him! Wtf?! I'm the sect's young master, while he's just an outer sect disciple! He doesn't have the right to insult me!

Feeling wrathful, I immediatly wanted to punish him, maybe break an arm or something. But before I could punish him, he immediately did some vanishing technique shit and arrived behind me, and after that he attacked me with some punch, while shouting "9 heaven shattering heaven fist" or some shit.

"How dare you!" I wanted to scream out, but I got beaten down before I even had the chance the shout. What the hell?! He was literally 2 levels below me? How can he be so strong?!

Thankfully, I had a teleport charm to get away before he had the chance to beat me down even further. Goddammit. Today was such a shyte day. That bastard isn't gonna get away with this! I'm probably gonna have my dad to punish him later. That'll show him to not mess with this young master.

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    1. pass1478 Feb 11, 2020
      @Zheya oh, he sacrficed himself to buy his suspected lover enough time to have a breakthrough. To be honest, I think my fiance dying is for the best. Too stupid to lead this young master's sect.
    2. Zheya Feb 11, 2020
      @pass1478 What about the outer sect's side hoe... I mean, your fiancee?

      Why does it feel like I'm having a conservation like in a cultivation chat from different worlds?
    3. pass1478 Feb 11, 2020
      @Zheya yeah...no.
      My dad went to kill him, but he suddenly had a breakthrough and beat my father down to the ground, all-the-while ascending to another realm.
    4. Zheya Feb 11, 2020
      @pass1478 Then you're fiancee is still cheating on you with that lowly outer sect member! Show them who's the young master!
    5. pass1478 Feb 11, 2020
      @Zheya no. I don't write irl stuff lol.
    6. Zheya Feb 11, 2020
      @pass1478 Your fiancee is definitely cheating on you with that lowly sect member in her heart already. Punish him for breaking sect rules and sect hierarchy. A mere junior is attacking their sect master? This is unspeakable!

      Seriously, if this just a allegory of what actually happened to you, then I suggest you cancel your engagement with her or downright just cheat on her. She obviously doesn't give a fuck. Don't play into her or their game. Do what you want. Your life, not anyone else's.

      @Loni4ever ......:blobwhistle:
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    7. Loni4ever Feb 10, 2020
      *wonders for the first time if nuf connects to several dimensions* (☉д⊙) (☉v⊙)
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    8. Anra7777 Feb 9, 2020
      Hahaha. I approve!