I'm just venting here, i apologize if some it's offended by this.


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Hi there, i'm new in NU. (well in using my account at least)
Well i writing this to vent a bit of my frustration about translators. (Also so i can put a pick up request)
What exactly i'm complaining about? My main complain of translators it's when they can't continue for a reason or another. I understand if they have a good reason to stop (like real life) and that they can't post they are stopping if the reason it's too urgent at that moment. But after the situation has calm down a bit couldn't you guys(translators) post you're stopping? It's really frustrating having to wait if the translator it's going to continue or not. I will really thankfull if you guys(translators) could make it clear when you're gonna stop or not even if it has been some time since you have stopped.


    1. celleit Feb 17, 2020
      Not a translator and not offended at all. Totally okay to vent your frustrations of course. I'm grateful for the free translations I get, although I do wish some of them would come by and update within a couple of months when it's clear they won't be picking up where they left off any time soon. I prefer to support the original author by buying the official translations, but sometimes they don't exist and never will. If it wasn't for the volunteer translators I would never have had the opportunity to read and enjoy some of the manga and novels in my favourites list.
    2. monique93 Feb 14, 2020
      "I understand if they have a good reason to stop (like real life)"
      Actually you don't, because if you did, you would understand that a translator, esp those who are doing it for free, has no actual obligation to share their entire lives to their readers. How can readers be 100% sure that "the situation has calm down a bit"? You can't judge that. Life really gets in the way sometimes, who knows what things some translators are going through. The fact that a novel is being translated is a big thing by itself already.

      There's still a sense of responsibility translators should uphold to of course, but if something is stopping them from translating more chapters, then so be it. It just happens. After 3 months, you can post a pick-up request or MTL the rest of the novel.
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    3. Momoyuki Feb 12, 2020
      Hmmmmmm.. that’s why there’s the 3 month period thing (for NU). For thirsty readers! Though I understand your point, always remember in your heart that most of us are doing this voluntarily and we’re all in the same community~ As far as I’m concerned, we’re just being very gentle(wo)manly and proper by publishing on specific periods or caring for decent grammar when, in fact, there are absolutely no rules regarding this. If you had to wait decades for these novels to be officially published and had to pay for every chapter or volume wouldn’t that be even more frustrating? Never forget to be thankful for what we have already achieved!