RANT: Racism at it's finest. (Sarcasm is implied.)



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Just to point it out there I'm Filipino.
With the current pandemic COVID-19, everyone is currently self quarantined at the comfort of their own home.
Before COVID-19 was just a virus spread in the confines of China. There was a safety alert that everyone should be aware that the COVID-19 is contagious and avoid close contact with each other.

There's a joke that COVID-19 will be gone soon as it was from China, which usually synonymous for fakes and low quality products. Which I know isn't really a good joke but it didn't really insult the idea of being Chinese. Those jokes stopped when it became Pandemic though.

But the main thing really opened my eyes is the racism happening in America, I watched news of people with Asian ancestry being attack due to the Pandemic and the people of power in America encourage such actions by calling the virus as "Chinese Virus".

Which was dumb, because if that virus came from America we would had called it "American Virus" and they would have been greatly offended.

COVID-19 unfortunately started in China, but it didn't mean that the virus couldn't have started any place else.

I'm not saying that us Asians are not racist too, sometimes I do to but I keep it to myself I don't preach to others what people should look like or how they should act like because everyone had a chance to be born to the same circumstances as I did.

I think that country had too much freedom in their hands that they don't know the consequences of doing what the rest of the world is right.

I know I probably don't make sense and probably a lot of people will get angry at me but this is not a time of creating hate, it's a time of creating understanding and unity among all nations.

People of power only thinks and says what benefits their image the most, so these people blames other countries for their incompetence and lack of action.

Anyway guys, stay safe and healthy.

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    1. Femme Fatale Mar 23, 2020
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    2. Femme Fatale Mar 23, 2020
      The US is going through a really BAD time in history. The fact that a callus, racist, nationalist idiot like TRUMP became president is a product of the racism and xenophobic culture that has always been an undercurrent of our everyday lives. White Americans and in particular White American Men, are feeling very insecure about their importance in society and business. Us minorities are working harder to make a life for ourselves and, well, having an African American president was just too much for many threatened flowers. *rolls her eyes*

      All Puerto Ricans are born American Citizens since early last century, and Americans STILL do not know that we are citizens and treat us as foreigners. SMH. Despite the fact that we have worked hard and gone to war for the country we call home.

      If you are born an African American, a Hispanic, or any other kind of ethnic minority in the US....you know what I mean. >_> This is nothing new, just much more overt and sinister.

      This is a scary time in the US for people like us. Every day, I see more and more of our rights as citizens worn away because of our race...

      And if you are a female it should be also very scary as our reproductive rights and rights over our own bodies are being challenged openly in Federal and state court! Like...how would you feel if someone told you what to do with your own body? It's terrifying.

      The damage has already been done to American democracy ....I just hope that we come out the other end of these crazy times a stronger nation than before. The USA is literally fighting for the soul of our nation. :(
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    3. Little Potato Mar 21, 2020
      I do think that deep down this pandemic has stirred up a reality that some of them have been trying to hard to conceal all this time, which is that they still regard Asian Americans as "outsiders" no matter how many generations their parents have been living in that country, and that deep down, they're still xenophobic and it's sad... because viruses don't discriminate race, so why should other people do that? Look at what's happened to Italy

      Wong Fu Productions made a video all about this, highlighting the change in treatment towards Asians living in foreign countries and it's incredibly heart wrenching. Imagine living with fear in the country that you grew up in just because of your race. It's completely unbelievable yet people can't seem to look past the exterior. :blob_teary::blob_teary:
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