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Zone Q11

『Monochrome Plebeian』『The Gas Mask』, Male
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"It's not my fault you're in this situation, buuut your death is very beneficial to me, so I will gladly end your life."
- - -
"But she refused."
"She refused to return to the underworld."
- - -
"I do not wish to die. I don't want to die. I don't wanna die. I didn't finish my goals. I cannot die yet. Not yet. Not yet. My body will not. My body won't last. My mind is breaking. Separating. Diverging. Splitting."
"I cannot die yet, but I'm dying."
"So I broke myself and sent my fragments -what remains of my fragments- into the past. Into the other worldlines. Timelines. Places. Moments. Hoping that they will do better than the current me does."
"Ah... I am dead."
- - -
"SHUT. THE FUCK. UP. The ruins are falling apart. I cannot concentrate with your bloody shitty war going on! Get out. GET OUT OF MY LAND if you wish to live. I will nuke the hell out of you AND your country if you don't!"
"What, you don't believe me? Then how about a demonstration?"
The soldiers nearby didn't have. Wasn't granted the opportunity to shoot. Trigger their guns. Weapons, before eldritch spiked tentacles pierced them from the pitch black soil.
Cries surrounded. Echoed throughout the plains. Place. Battleground. Field, as they struggle. Wiggle their arms. Limbs.
Death was not. Their death was not merciful. It was. Is inefficient from the eyes of an assassin. A killer, but the horror. Terror, spread through. To the other soldiers. Humans. Creatures, and they instinctively understood: "This is worse than dying. This is torture of hell."
- - -
"Chronomancer! Stop time!"
- - -
"They only know of two commands: go to war and mourn. This is not a way to live, Kassim. I can't accept it."
- - -
"Are you satisfied now? You damn lunatic."
"If I am the lunatic, then what are you supposed to be? The idiot?"
"At least I'm an idiot who doesn't kill his friends to save something stupid like this country."
"They're not friends. They are pawns. Besides, even if I've lost the fight, I reached my objective.
I have won the war, Eva. The country lives, and the monsters are dead. I may be known as the evil bastard who massacred monsters, but this is fine.
At least the future history books won't mention any atrocity from the monsters. No racial war. No territorial disputes. No more hatred.
I shall take in all the evil of the world, and sacrifice myself if it means that humanity lives."
Eva left the dungeon, but Adam's prophecy became reality. He won.

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    1. Evil_Ginger Mar 22, 2020
      The few surviving monsters fled deep underground and promptly sealed themselves off from the rest of the world. That is, until after a long wait, a poor kid fell down a hole and met a talking flower.


      But this feels like I should know this from somewhere...