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-A. Misc. links: moodywriting.blogspot.com/2013/12/the-logic-of-illogical-characters.html,

B. The following sites give examples of the "theater or theatre" debate: people.howstuffworks.com/is-it-spelled-theater-or-theatre.htm, differencebetween.net/language/difference-between-theatre-and-theatre, softschools.com/difference/theatre_vs_theater/317,

C. More misc.: highschooldxd.fandom.com/wiki/A%C5%BEi_Dah%C4%81ka

D. Various movie-related links:
newyorkerstateofmind.com/tag/adolph-zukor, archives.library.sc.edu/repositories/10/resources/227,

-F. Mostly about Marvel Entertainment boss Ike Perlmutter:

G. Various links related and 1 not related to "Otosan":

H. Ancient civilizations: duncanjdsmith.com/uploads/documents/Forgotten/fawcett_18.pdf

I. Historical stuff: happenedstrangely.blogspot.com/2012/02/aztecs-and-samurai.html

J. Silent movie-related: theguardian.com/film/2020/feb/28/peter-bogdanovich-i-missed-my-chance-to-tell-buster-keaton-he-was-a-genius-now-im-telling-the-world

K. Real/fictional bad-ass women: bit.ly/2J9D52G, bit.ly/2Jb5uFB, bit.ly/2P40VR4, bit.ly/2W22ssD, bit.ly/31CUSFH, bit.ly/32LTphG, bit.ly/35ToH

-Mostly rants: I. If I made an original anime, it would be alove triangle between 2 guys and a girl. There respective Eng. and Japanese voices ould be those of Deku, Bakugo, and Ochako. In this story, the voice of Deku gets picked. Bakugo lives in a river van. Austin Tindle plays a character that is a fan of silent film star Buster Keaton.

II. A nagging Flat-Earth and SJW mother-in-law that lives in a van down by the river with Seymour, a Chris Walken-sounding and silent film-watching vegan cannibal zombie moose!

III. Kai-kun: There was 6/30/2018 article in Sora News 24 called "Original SoftBank dog Kai-kun passes away at 16", written by a user named Master Blaster. It said that "On 28 June, SoftBank announced that their beloved long-time spokesdog, Kai-kun, had passed away due to complications of old age. He was 16, according to the announcement." Kai's 2 sons, Kaito-Kun and Kaiki-kun, took over the role of Otosan.

There is Japanese blog site called "grape Japan". It has a 6/28/2018 article called "The Canine Face of Softbank’s Hilarious Japanese Commercials Sadly Passes Away". That article says Kai-kun was the second dog to play Otosan, so I don't know it SN24'S claim of hin being the original SoftBank dog is true. The breed is a Hokkaido dog, which is also called the Ainu Ken because the breed was developed by that indigenous tribe of Japan.

IV. Jaguar XJR-15: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaguar_XJR-15
How much does an XJR-15 for at an auction? Note these sales figures are for the auctions listed on the above link and by the current exchange rates.
$525,000+$178,000+$182,000+$154,000+$190,000+$175, 000+$231,000+$225,000+$170,000+$345,000+$470,000=$ 2,845,000

£129,100+£130,000+£95,000=£354,100 ($427,202.17)
€198,000+197,000€+€175,000=€570,000 ($635,179.5)
A$690,000 ($465,712.74)
$427,202.17+$635,179.5+$465,712.74+$2,845,000=$4,3 73,094.41. Eighteen were listed for auction prices so that means it was $242,949.689 a car.

Each XJR-15 sold for £500,000 when made. The XJ220 was about £470,000 in 1992 money. 1990 saw $1.59-$1.93 for £1 and 1991 saw $1.6-$2 for £1. 1992 saw $1.51-$2 for £1. 1992 saw $1.51-$2 for £1. 1993 saw $1.42-$1.5 for £1. 1994 saw for $1.46-$1.64 for £.

-V. Misandry does exist. Here is the top definition of "Misandry" from Urban Dictionary:
This dislike and hatred of men, and males in general.
It is MISANDRY to believe that only males are capable of abuse.
by ZeroSeven June 07, 2014"

2. Since "Womansplaining" seems to be taking less seriously than "mansplaining" by some people in this thread, I refer you to this link: reddit.com/…/…/what_is_the_best_womansplaining_you_have_ever.
3. This 8/6/2016 article was written by a coach, author, and psychotherapist who lists some of the misandrist examples he has come across: psychologytoday.com/…/201…/misandry-the-invisible-hatred-men.

4. Here are several sourced examples of the views on misandry within some feminist movements: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misandry#Within_feminist_movements
5. This 11/15/2016 TED Talk by someone named Elizabeth Plank has points that are or could be seen as "misandrist" and "womansplaining": youtube.com/watch?v=9tNsNkzEzbw.

5. Some further points: a. Why would this "ZeroSeven" put those in hash tags? Simple. Because "Sexism" and "bigotry" can also apply to me. Admittedly, given misogyny seems to be more widespread and noticed, that is a partial explanation as to why "misandry" is not taken as seriously. However, one would think that people against misogyny would also be against misandry or vice versa.

b. A guy ranting about "womansplaining" might be seen by many as misogynistic (like I am doing here). What double standards there when a woman ranting about "mansplaining" is not seen as misandrist by those same many people. Well, both are sexist.

c. If many men and even women are unaware of their misogyny, then it only seems fair that many other women and men might be unaware of their misandry. It only seems fair to recognize both as being bad and finding ways to condemn both.

V. Since 1/1/2010, what is an example of a proven case in this country of where a man/woman who claimed a celeb raped/sexually assaulted them but it later was revealed the claimant was lying? I am looking specifically for an actor/actress, athlete, or politician! This could be as simple as local actor/actress of a local theatre company, a high school athlete, or a politician of some small town. By "proven", this includes police investigations, using security videos, the claimant admitting they lied, etc.

In this situation, said celebrity served at 1.5 years in prison before the lying scumbag admitted they made the story up. Also, not only did said lying scumbag serve or eventually will serve at least 1.5 years in prison, they have faced or might face other consequences like any of the following: loss of employment, eviction, getting sued for the false claims, loss of parental rights, deportation, etc.

Yes, I am well aware that rapes that are proven to be false are rare. Yes, I know that those false claimants rarely serve time in prison for over a year. Yes, I am aware such a story meeting such requirements outside of the "other consequences" part is rare. However, "rare" or "almost never happens" is a lot different than never happening. There has to be at least 1 case.

Honestly, I don't know what I would Google to find such a proven false #MeToo-type claim.

VI. Say you were stuck on a 4-hour joy trip with all the Funi VA you know and one of them monopolizes the time with lame jokes. Which VA is the worst offender at doing so? Oh, and the person sitting right in front of you and driving would be Gen Fukunaga. The person that would be most traumatized on this trip from the bad jokes would be the Sony Pictures person that Gen answers to! A 4-week coma for them! A Sony Pictures exec who just had a kid would say those jokes were more painful than her giving birth! Everyone keeps their jobs and no one gets chewed out.

VII.B movies seen: Creature from the Haunted Sea, The Beach Girls and the Monster, Plan 9, Tobor the Great, The Colossus of New York, Haunted Lake, Giant Leeches, and Gila Monster.

VIII. Seen on Amazon: “The Underdog of the Eight Greater Tribes: Volume 1”. “The Economics of Prophecy: Volume 1”, “The Holy Knight’s Dark Road: Volume 1 (The Holy Knight’s Dark Road)”, “The World’s Least Interesting Master Swordsman: Volume 1”, “The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody, Vol. 1 (light novel): The Myth-Killing Honor Student”, and “Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill: Volume 5”.

IX. The Fox movie empire as we knew it/them ended on 3/20/2019 when Disney bought them out. On 1/17/2020, the announcement that Disney is taking “Fox” out of “20th Century Fox” added another death date of sorts. So, when was the empire as we knew it born? Feb. 1. As many of us know, 20th Century Fox was “born” on 5/31/1935 as a merger of 20th Century Films and the Fox Film Corp. The Fox Film Corp had a predecessor called Box Office Attractions which was the successor of Greater New York Film Rental Company.

313+544+307+22+183+1537+183+147=3236 Box Office Attraction, Fox Film Corp, 20th Century Fox, and Twentieth Century Picture movies released theatrically between its 1/29/1913 incorporation as Greater New York Film Company/Box Office Attractions and its 3/20/2019 purchase by Disney!

Of course, this doesn't count special edition theatrical releases! So, that is basically the amount of Fox movies made from its earliest release or production ("Shadows of the Moulin Rouge") to the final film of the Fox Movie Empire as we knew it: "Alita: Battle Angel".There are 34 20th Century Pictures and Fox Film movies produced by these studios but were distributed/co-distributed by 20th Century Fox.For example, the Wikipedia page of "Dante's Inferno (1935 film)" lists its Aug. 23, 1935 release date as the first release for 20th Century Fox on the "List of 20th Century Fox films (1935–99)" page.

However, as that movie was produced by the Fox Film Corp., that is also listed under the "List of Fox Film films" page. Thus, I didn't want to count one film twice under 2 movie studios or companies!Here are the 34 in alphabetical order;
A Message to Garcia
Advice to the Lovelorn
Bad Boy
Blood Money
Born to Be Bad
Broadway Through a Keyhole
Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back
Cardinal Richelieu
Charlie Chan in Shanghai
Clive of India
Dante's Inferno
Folies Bergère
Gallant Lady
Here's to Romance
In Old Kentucky
Les Misérables
Looking for Trouble
Moulin Rouge
Music Is Magic
Navy Wife
Redheads on Parade
Show Them No Mercy!
Thanks a Million
The Affairs of Cellini
The Bowery
The Call of the Wild
The Gay Deception
The House of Rothschild
The Last Gentleman
The Mighty Barnum
This Is the Life
Thunder Mountain
Thunder in the Night

Way Down East-It's Jan. 31, 1935 limited premiere at London's Odeon Leicester Square happened the same week as the 106th b-day as the Fox Empire's birth as either "Greater New York Film Company" or "Box Office Attractions"*.

X. The original release date of "Gertie the Dinosaur" refers to its vaudeville version. The more-familiar live-action/animated version came out just before New Year's Eve in 1914.

XI. Counting limited release, "Shadows of the Moulin Rouge" had a 12/26/1913 premiere. So, which counts as the first Fox film by overall is hard to say because I don't know if the latter movie was licensed by Fox from the very start. "Gertie the Dinosaur" had over 9 months before William Fox got distribution rights from Winsor McCay.

XII. It is nice to know that 1 of the first Fox movies was an Alice Guy (the first female director and founding mother of cinema) movie and that the last one was a James Cameron movie. By inflation, another Fox"Avatar" is second only to "Gone With the Wind" for #1 movie of all-time at the global box office.

XIII. bit.ly/2Mj7r4L
The above text says that Jan. 28-Feb. 4, 1922 was the anniversary week for Fox and recognizes it as being the 9th anniversary for the Fox Film Corp. Fox Film Corp is often regarded as having Feb. 1, 1915 as the date that it was incorporated. So, apparently they are likely including the predecessor, Box Office Attractions, as the being part of those 9 years.

If you want to go even further, there is the end note of
"13. Greater New York Film Rental Company, certificate of incorporation, filed 25 March 1907, NNNCC-Ar. [BACK]" from the following link: bit.ly/2X7DhYk.-Practically speaking, the final movie distributed or produced or both by 20th Century Fox as we knew them (before Disney bought most of the Fox Empire) would be the manga-based movie "Alita: Battle Angel". That is reason enough for me to watch that film someday. I also read that unlike various other manga-based Hollywood films, it is faithful to the first manga which I also read was often episodic!

XIV. The earliest 20th Century Fox movie I know of that has "20th Century Fox" for both the "Production company" and "Distributed By" on its Wikipedia page is "Your Uncle Dudley", which turned 84 on Dec. 13.

XV. When the original Newscorp, the then parent company of the Fox Empire, split-up in mid-2013, we had two publicly-traded companies: Current Newscorp (6/28/2013-present) was established to focus on the news and publishing industries. Notable assets include HarperCollins, Dow Jones & Company, and the New York Post, among many others.

21st Century Fox (6/28/2013-3/20/2019) was established to focus on movies and TV. Prior to its buy-out/merger with the Walt Disney Company, this is the media giant that included the many "Fox"-named TV, movie, news, and sports channels (respective examples are the Fox Channel, 20th Century Fox, Fox News, and Fox Sports Network). In addition, 21st Century Fox had a majority ownership of the National Geographic Channel.

XVI. What I don't get is why the many Fox news and sports channels didn't get a transfer of ownership from 21st CF to the current Newscorp. One reason I say this is because having the conservative Fox News Channel being owned by a company that is very liberal seems weird. -Prior to the Disney buy-out of 21st Century Fox, the following were the Big 6 major movie companies. Note that these are the distributors of said films and in some cases might be the production company.

XVII. With Paramount Pictures, we got the first 2 Iron-Man movies. Marvel Studios has the rest. With Sony Pictures, we got the Spider-Man and Venom movies. With 20th Century Fox, we got the X-Men, Daredevil/Elektra, F4, and Deadpool movies. With Universal Pictures, we got those 2 Hulk movies.

With this logic, wouldn't have made sense for Marvel to give Warner Bros. Pictures and Walt Disney Studios a license or two for a movie? With the latter movie company, this is prior to the Walt Disney Company buying out Marvel. Some might say that licensing a Marvel property to WB might be conflict of interest as the WB owns DC Comics. Well, the WB has owned DC since 1968 and DC gave Fox through the Fox Kids label the rights to distribute "Batman: The Animated Series" through most of B:TAS' run. B:TAS was a contemporary to the classic X-Men cartoon, so I don't see why Marvel would have any issue licensing out a Marvel IP to the WB.

XVIII. The closest we ever got to the WB owning a Marvel IP was when Marvel gave New Line Cinema those Blade movie rights. Prior to WB merging/gaining control of NLC, NLC was merged/owned by TimeWarner (now WarnerMedia). Well, technically WarnerMedia still owns NLC since the WB is owned by WarnerMedia. So, while WB and NLC at one time were maybe corporate cousins/siblings owned by the same parent company, it shifted to the WB becoming the parent company.

XIX. With all the plot holes and other butchered things that 20th Century Fox did with the X-Men, I honestly don't know if they used a "movie continuity consultant". Which do you think explains such changes more?
a. They were asking themselves the following: "How shall we make plot holes and other ways to butcher the X-Men?".
b. The writers and directors did not intend to #1, but it just happened nonetheless.

XX. If there was a politician whose platform was to de-merge Fox from Disney and resurrect the Fox Empire to how it was before -Disney killed it, I would vote for them. Sadly, that is just fantasy thinking.

XXI. Something curious about the Disney-Fox buy-out: I get that Fox News and various sports channels are making the money that Rupert Murdoch favored even before the end of the Fox film empire as we knew them when that happened. However, considering the legally-spun off Fox Corp. is a lot smaller than what 21st Century Fox had prior to the merger. However, why still go through the selling much of Empire A if that means you are going to 11-digits less with a subsequent Empire B?

XXII. William Fox met many, many people during his film career, even if it was just for a short bit. One of his most important acquaintance was H.J. Whitley, the main architect of early Hollywood. However, a book called "The Father of Hollywood" by his great-granddaughter essentially tries to paint him as the founder of Hollywood. Well, community wise speaking, it was Harvey and Daeida Wilcox who founded Hollywood. Harvey may have been the birth father of Hollywood so to speak, but Whitley was the adoptive father that raised Hollywood even more, so to speak.

XXIII. Other than selling their Marvel rights back to Disney and ideally getting Lucasfilm, I wonder how 20th Century Fox and related Fox companies would have fared if they had a streaming service that had much of their catalog. By this, I am talking about only movies and TV shows that were either produced and/or directed by Fox or a corporate predecessor that, for practical purposes, was a member of the Fox empire.

I also say this because even though Fox may have produced a title, the distribution (home video, broadcast, or streaming rights) might be owned by another company. Thus, Fox might not be able to stream said title. Also, even some titles that Fox might be licensed for distribution to another channel or streaming service.

XXIV. Most random place in person you have encountered a fan of yours that is not a VA (that you know of) that is not at work or at a con? You know, like at the grocery store?

XXV. From a semantics standpoint, a real Netflix Original=an original series that is produced, written, directed, and distributed by Netflix or a subsidiary. Hate how Netflxi Japan will stream some newer anime weekly but Netflix USA prefers the binge upload.

XXVI. Thoughts on this: I am of the mind that teen human/humanoid boys who are at least 13+ sound more authentic when a guy voices them, outside of the teen boy being effeminate, is a cross-dresser, or gets turned into a woman (you know, gender-bending related)?

XXVII. The grandmother of all modern animated characters with a personality was the silent short "Gertie the Dinosaur". She was not the first cartoon character but it credited as the first one with a personality. Arguably the first hit Fox movie, it really inspired a young Walt Disney.

XXVIII. When you were in your last semester of college working on your entertainment-related degree, what was 1 of the most unique course titles you saw listed (you know, the name of the course)?
-Around 3:20 of the YT video "Kadmos -Thiva English subtitles", the Greek-speaking lady was kad-MOHS (like "host" minus the "t"). So, pronounce like "Bad Nose".

XXIX. Midget=proportionate limbs
SD=Dwarf, so to speak
Chibi=Midget, so to speak

XXX. Wife: "My husband got me a bracelet for our anniversary. He said it was from his mom. It said 'Do not resuscitate".
XXXI. On Thanos: Whatever his reasons for doing a wide-scale annihilation, he was in the wrong for killing that many people!
XXXII. Previews that we saw before seeing "Spies in Disguise" on 12/25/2019: "Scoob", "Peter Rabbit 2", "Onward", "Artemis Fowl", and "Call of the Wild".

XXXIII. Which/what cross-streets of Manhattan is the best place to play hopscotch during a zombie apocalypse after 5 tequila shots after watching a silent film?

XXXIV. Regarding media mergers: I am fine with Company A buying or merging with Company B when the following happens: the amount is for under $10 billion (exact amount), provisions are made to preserve each company's individual histories, and steps are made for as few lay-offs and for finding new jobs. For example, if 20th Century Fox was not sold to Disney

I like to use the example of 20th Century Fox being bought out/merged with Disney because is is a very infamous of media buy-outs but the points mentioned here also apply to AT&T buying out WarnerMedia and other big media mergers/buy-outs. Here's how it should have gone down: 20th Century Fox should have stayed owned by 21st Century Fox. However, the Fox Marvel rights go to Disney. In exchange, Disney give them what Disney had of Star Wars/Lucasfilm. Also, both conglomerates sell off some of their big sports/news/media networks to separate companies. For example, 21st Century Fox sells of what they controlled of Star India and Disney sells off what they own of ESPN.

A similar post but this time about some of the other major media companies: Say Comcast wants to maintain control of NBCUniversal and AT&T maintains control of WarnerMedia. Then those 2 giants sell off some of their media companies that are not NBCUniversal or WarnerMedia, respectively. National Amusements does something similar if it wants to maintain control of Viacom and CBS, of which the latter 2 companies have since re-merged. Same goes for the Sony Corp maintaining control of some of their biggest media companies.

XXXV. Long web novels: While there are several web novel series that are 1000+ ch. (often Chinese), the longest web novel I have a seen chapter count for is a series called "The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss". If you prefer the Chinese name, it is calle "Xia Wang Zhu Qi: Fei Cai Ni Tian Xiao Jie". I read that even though the chapters can often be short, it is current over 10,500 chapters long. Just how long has Su Xiao Nuan been writing the series? They started sometime in 2013.

Note: I have not read this series nor do I intend to but I recognize the dedicated work it is to regularly write a web novel, particularly when that series chapters enter the 4-/5-digit territories

XXXVI. Is it "theater" or "theatre"? Yes, I get that there is a preference among those that speak American English. However, the way I try to use them is during the following instances: When talking about the art form, use "theatre". When talking about the building or venue a performance is being used, use "theater". A majority of American theater companies might choose to use "re" spelling for the company name but "er" for the building.*

*this is paraphrased from: theatreinchicago.com/news.php?articleID=7

XXXVII. Minority representation Eng. dubs of anime/video games;
a. LGBT: Tatum (G), Brandon McInnis (G), Chris Patton (B), Miley Flanagan (L), Casey Mongillo (trans woman), Danielle McRae (L or B?), Erin Fitzgerald (B), Michelle Rojas (B or P?)
b. Asian: Michelle Rojas (Korean), Khoi Dao, Kimlinh Tran (both Vietnamese), Christine Marie Cabanos (Filipina), Trina Nishimura (Japanese), Micah Solusod (Japanese I think), Apphia Yu (Singaporean?), Stephanie Sheh (Taiwanese), Cristine Vee (Lebanese), Kaggy (Lebanese)

c. Native American: Robbie Daymond (he's not sure the tribe but he said a genetics test says his ancestry is an areas where the Apache and Hopi live), Cristina Vee (I am not sure the tribe)
d. Latino/Hispanic: Cristina Vee (Mexican), Eemily Fajardo,
e. Jewish: Neil Kaplan, Keith Silverstein, Yuri Lowenthal

XXXVIII. English dub voice actors/actress whose autographs I have gotten: Derek Stephen Prince, Carrie Keranan, Alexis Tipton, Robert Axelrod, Amanda Winn-Lee, Kyle Hebert, Cherami, Morgan Berry, actress that played Rita Repulsa, Jamie Marchi, Lisle Wilkerson, Les and Mary Claypool,

XXXIX. On Superman's representation: In the comics, Superman was raised by a White American couple. Superman is usually portrayed as a straight White man. I don't care if it was an adaptation of some alternate universe version of Superman that is Black (even then, I think that is whack as I think he should always be White), I think Superman should remain a straight White male. If Superman was written as a gay Black character, I would say the same thing if he was to featured in an adaptation where he's a straight White male. The reason I bring up the sexuality is because DC has been emphasizing sexuality to several of their characters in the DC TV shows or movies the last few years.

Sure, I admit to have hardly ever reading Superman as a kid. Still, my point stands and I am not a fan of retcons (just look at the Narutoverse).

XL. An American example of each, please: Left-handed liberal Dem, Left-handed conservative Dem, Left-handed liberal Rep, Left-handed conservative Rep, Right-handed liberal Dem, Right-handed conservative Dem, Right-handed liberal Rep, Right-handed conservative Rep

XLI. Whacked-out movie idea: They should make a romcom where there's a White guy adopted by smart White people dating a smart Black zombie girl who is a "Earth is a globe" girl. Her parents are dumb Black supremacists who are Flat-Earthers. [Person] would play the smart Black zombie brother who is left out a lot. Think Robert from Everybody Loves Raymond-type left out. The brother is smart and has a backstory but the parents favor the sister. The White guy is a misodoctakleidist (hates practicing the piano). The poor White guy grew up racially discriminated by Black zombies! He doesn't hold ill will towards the Black people save for the girl's parents.

XLII. Supercar rants: In terms of the standard supercar definition of having a road-legal car that mid- or rear-engine, very powerful, very fast, very expensive, and very limited in quantity, I do agree with the Lamborghini Miura being the first modern day supercar. However, there is 1 car I think is the first modern day supercar with all those points minus having an engine in the back. That would be the AC/Shelby Cobra 427, which sold before the Lamborghini Miura. To be even more specific, I see the Cobra 427 Performance edition as the first modern-day supercar.

So, why that particular version of the Cobra? A car with 485 ponies and a 0-62 in 4-something seconds and a 0-100 in 10-something seconds, as well as a top speed of 185 mph, is still impressive in today's supercar market.

a. For me, a car qualifies as a supercar when it is at least 350 horses, has a rear-engine though various high-performance front-engine cars do exist, has a 0-62 of under 5 seconds, and has a top speed of 155+ mph. Reason I choose that mph figure as that is the top speed, be it electronically-limited or the absolute fastest without any limiters, of many standard cars. These are the min. criteria. Cars that might be seen as "old-school or classical" supercars are a case-by-case basis with me! From a historical standpoint and its significance to the supercar world, the Lamborghini Miura's 0-62 time of just under 7 seconds is included.

b. The original production version of the first "generation" of the Audi R8 was definitely a unique supercar. Yes, it had standard supercar performance; 4.2 liter V8 produced 424 ponies with 354 lbs. of torque and a 0-62 mph in 4-something seconds with an official top speed of 187 mph.* However, the fact that this version car was priced new at under $150K not counting added options or tax, as well as the fact that its production numbers were 5-figuresmade means it was an every day supercar. While modern Porsche 911s and Chevy Corvettes can be daily-driven supercars, they were not supercars from their inception whereas the R8 was.

Also, the fact that the R8 could get 15+ to the American gallon makes it 1 of the more fuel-efficient supercars. Yes, the mpg could be higher or lower depending on the driving speed, road conditions, and weather.

*For classification purposes, I will label as "R8 Coupé 4.2 FSI quattro" as that is what the Wikipedia page of "Audi R8 (Type 42)" calls it. Also, since a supercar model often has various versions/trims, I want to be very specific.

**Counting the V10 version of the original R8, about 26, 600 cars were made between 6/2006 and 8/2015. Note that the 6/2006 would likely count as, to use a movie theatre analogy, the wide release version whereas there were some made and sold before that date. I would imagine that the R8 Coupé 4.2 FSI quattro

MLA citation: Wikipedia contributors. "Audi R8." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 19 Jul. 2019. Web. 11 Aug. 2019.

XLIII. My own supercars: Base model-450 bhp/450 lbs. of torque; 195 mph (exact amount and cannot go any higher without mods)-$60,500.
a. "Extreme GT"-525 bhp/515 lbs. of torque; 210 mph (exact amount and cannot go any higher without mods)-$75,500

XLIV. Had Nagato trained with Jiraiya a few years more and he wasn't crippled by that paper bomb, I think Nagato could have been more of an opponent against Madara if Nagato had all of the following: at least Yamato-level Mokuton, Naruto-level Six Paths Sage Mode, Might Gai-level taijutsu, both halves of Kurama sealed in Nagato, portions of the 1- through 8-Tails, a bit of the Ten Tails, the intellect and strategic level mindsets of either Itachi, Shikamaru, or Obito, etc. Also, theoretically, Nagato could do the Rinnegan techniques that he wasn't shown doing but Madara and Obito were shown using in the manga. However, obviously the training and having the body to do so takes time.

XLV. Redef has an 8/27/18 article called "How the Paradox of the Term ‘Original Series’ Explains the Video Industry (Netflix Misunderstandings, Pt. 4)", written by a writer named Matthew Ball. He wrote that "excluding sports, a streaming service has five core types of programming (fairly simplified)". The first core type, the Developed Originals", is what I consider a true Netflix original in the traditional sense of the word "original".

Here is a paraphrased explanation of that type: The "Developed Original" is made, financed, and distributed by a network or streaming service that will be airing/streaming that show or movie. With this, the network/service can brand that show how it wants, has complete control of the budget and creativity, has full say on whether they should cancel or renew, and usually has control of all IP-related rights. A "Developed Original" could come from a production company/writer that has a first-deal look with Netflix. Netflix merely has to cover production costs to buy/distribute the show.

What is a first look deal? Party A (a creative talent and their production company) is in a contractual agreement with Party B (another production company) that Party B will have first dibs to consider a project from Party A. This is because Party B is giving financial aid to Party A, so they are the first to get distribution/production rights.

Sources: Ball, Matthew. “How the Paradox of the Term 'Original Series' Explains the Video Industry (Netflix Misunderstandings, Pt. 4).” REDEF, The REDEF Group, 27 Aug. 2018, redef.com/original/5b81f41dcbfd8a70442b3e8b.

Sanderson, Katherine. “First-Look Deals: What They Are and Why Every A-List Hollywood Star Has One”. John Paul the Great Catholic University. John Paul the Great Catholic University. 9 July 2018. impactingculture.com/first-look-deals-what-they-are-and-why-every-a-list-hollywood-star-has-one.

XLVI. Race-bent castings and racial harassment are both despicable. To me, a person that fits the ideals/role of the hero is a person that is the same race and ethnicity as that character. Yes, I am saying Batman should only be played by White guys. I am saying that Cyborg should only be played by Black guys. Sure, give minorities representation but use characters that are of that representation. I am not a fan of whitewash or blackwashing. If Superman was created as a Black gay man, I would be saying the same type of arguments that I have made here. If a character in a book doesn't really have a skin-color description, race-bend away if need be. If you think that is alright for a White character to be played by a Black person but not the other way around and that I am racist for not liking blackwashing, well, that is some double standards there.

XLVII. Say we have comic book character that has always been a straight White male. A movie or TV version changes his race, gender, and orientation. To me, he should always be his established race, gender, and orientation and played by someone of that race, ethnicity, and gender. When I say that, this counts alternate universe versions. For example, Batman should always be a straight White guy in all adaptations and comic book versions. Changing him like that, to me, is just catering to being PC. Make a new character that is adherent to other audiences. For clarification, I do apply the above to both official and fan-made adaptations. However, there are some loopholes. Here are 3 examples: a dark-colored orc from the LOTR franchise being played by a White person under layers of costume, make-up, and CGI effects. Likewise, if the character has a colorful skin, getting a mo-cap actor or actress then digitally painting them with that skin might be another exception.

XLVIII. The importance of the public domain cannot be underestimated. So many story ideas are developed using it and those in turn, after so many decades, will be re-used by others. I think the 56-year coverage under the Copyright Act of 1909 was the best for duration length. Funny how this is the era many Disney classics, of which were largely public domain-based stories, were made yet Disney lobbies for continued copyright length. Hypocritical and/or ironic indeed. Sometimes Work A (book, short story, movie, or TV epi.) fell into the American public domain because they were not renewed. However, Work B (book, short story, movie, or TV epi. that is the source material for Work A) is still copyrighted. Being that Work A is a derivative work of Work B, this means that Work A can be effectively pulled from the public domain and re-copyrighted.

XLIX. I don't care if Work A is still copyrighted, when a work falls into the American public domain, it should stay and not be allowed to get re-copyrighted. By doing so, what is effectively "public domain infringement" has been committed. Now, making a derivative work of that public domain work (colorization, digital re-mastering, deleted scenes, etc.) is different. However, I think such a derivative work should be labeled something like "director's cut" or "special edition" or "or digitally re-mastered edition" to show it is a bit different from its predecessor. Also, trademarking a public domain name, image, or even sound acts as a perpetual copyright. I am applying this more for comic book, book, and movie characters. Something like "Mona Lisa Films" with the famous painting and a globe behind her for that company's logo is fair game.

L. Slightly-tweaked in wording copy-pasted post from a now-deleted 3/1/2019 FB post of mine:
The paperwork for the Brazilian government's approval is scheduled to finish on 3/8. Disney may soon own the Fox movie assets but they don't have them yet. This is the time to ask our followers to hope, pray, or wish that the deal dies. This is the time to ask our followers to hope, pray, or wish that the deal dies.

A. Currently, there are a few legal cases or situations that COULD help slow down the paperwork or kill the deal altogether:
i. There is the pressure of the getting paperwork done as well selling off the Disney and Fox control of various TV channels that foreign regulators have put as part of the approval to the merger.
ii. There is the pressure to trying to buy WarnerMedia's shares of Hulu.
iii. Let's not forget that this case of Hollywood accounting opens the door for other possible cases of Hollywood accounting and that may involve government oversight which many corporations which frown upon unless it was something that sided with corporations.
1. Heck, the following quote in the above linked articled mentioned that this case will "will not only put Murdoch’s Fox sale in a whole new light, but may also raise questions about the future viability of Hulu, plus any platform enjoying what’s pejoratively known as 'Hollywood accounting.' The ruling also comes as the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals has allowed to stand another mega-merger between AT&T and Time Warner, an example of vertical integration between a distributor of content and a producer."

B. Possible conflicts of interest or set-backs for Fox and/or Disney:
i. To quote the linked article, "In coming to a decision, [arbitrator Peter] Lichtman describes how some of Fox’s top executives, including 21st Century Fox president Peter Rice and Fox TV CEO Dana Walden (soon to be top executives at Disney) plus Fox TV chairman Gary Newman (leaving Fox) 'appear to have given false testimony in an attempt to conceal their wrongful acts.' According to the ruling, Fox has taken a 'cavalier attitude toward its wrongdoing' and exhibits a 'company-wide culture and an accepted climate that enveloped an aversion for the truth.'

ii. The Fox powers that be are using a litigator named Daniel Petrocelli, a person successfully defended the AT&T-WarnerMedia merger recently, to dispute this fraud case. All these involve paying top dollar for the best lawyers possible but are time-consuming. So, the best we can do is hope and pray that something kills the merger.

iii. The Disney-Fox merger is expected to finish on 3/20. Even if the USDOJ came out today and gave a message that they rescinded their approval for the merger, it is effectively too late to stop it. That is, seeing how the assets have been or are being sold and the paperwork for buying out most of Fox (counting the foreign regulators who have approved) is nearing completion. In addition, Disney practically speaking already owns most of the Fox Empire. Murdoch, Disney, and the USDOJ helped end 20th Century Fox as we know it.

iv. It does get confusing how "Disney" can refer to Walt himself, The Walt Disney Company, and all the companies or channels with "Disney" in the name. Same with Fox. This is how I wish it went down: during the time the USDOJ was giving their verdict, they should have said "After looking at the Disney-Fox merger, we realize that the estimated 40% of the American move market share is a very strong semi-monopoly, we have decided against the merger. This applies to any other media giant that would buy-out 21st Century Fox. Effectively immediately, the merger has been terminated. However, the 22 Fox sports networks are to be sold a media corporation that is not Disney, Comcast, or AT&T. In addition, Disney's ownership of ESPN is to be sold to a be media corporation that is not 21st Century Fox, Comcast, or AT&T."

v. Murdoch would sell-off the X-Men/Fantastic Four-related TV/movie rights back Marvel rights back to Disney. However, Disney's stake in Star Wars and Lucasfilm heads to Fox. That would be $4.8 billion in box office earnings of the latest 4 films that Fox would get a significant amount from. As Disney has enough money with the MCU, Fox would have at least 1 IP that could hold its own against the MCU in terms of franchise value. The money earned from selling the Fox sports channels and the Fox Marvel rights could help lessen that debt a bit (Maybe $2-4 billion at most). For the remaining debt, I don't know.

vi. I read that the Fox RSN sales are worth $15-$20 billion. Selling the RSN, the various domestic and foreign news media that Murdoch owns (excluding his precious Fake News), the remaining Fox rights to Star Wars, Avatar, the X-Men/F4-related TV/movie rights should have more profit than debt! Yes, I would sell all these assets, with the conditions all the employees get job help or new jobs soon, if it meant saving the Fox Empire!

vi. Fox Empire namesake William Fox lost control of his empire in 1929 because of a July 1929 car accident injury, the Stock Market Crash, and Louis B. Mayer using antitrust suits for Fox's attempt to control buy MGM. In 1933, former United Artists execs Darryl Zanuck and Joseph M. Schenck formed Twentieth Century Pictures. On 5/31/1935, they merged that with the Fox Film Corp to form 20th Century Fox. Oh, Mr. Schenck was Russian (a city called Rybinsk in the Yaroslavl Oblast, which is roughly NE Russia), as well. [End of post].

LI. "Coelecanth" (Latinized). Seal-uh-canth is Latinized pronunciation. Actual Greek would be something like Keel-u-canth (I think for the Greek).

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