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    1. Nyann Mar 28, 2020 at 12:18 PM
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    2. XxVioletxX Mar 28, 2020 at 12:12 PM
      Give your drawings 100/100 ~
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    3. Nyann Mar 24, 2020
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    4. mir Mar 23, 2020
      :sushi_peak: ... so Snow White suddenly showing up in my dream last night in an extra sparkly style was because of you.
      Both this and the Ariel one are very pretty~
      Any plans to do more?
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    5. Evil_Ginger Mar 23, 2020
      Y'know looking at this again, I was about to say that the ruffles of her dress could use more detail and then I realized it was the glass slipper. Nice addition. She lost her shoe, should she go back and get it? But what if the magic disappears faster? @Cutter Masterson said it well.
    6. Cutter Masterson Mar 23, 2020
      So your the fame artist. Well done. Just like Ariel this is only my opinion. The define lines are emphasized in the eyes and mouth. Where most of the emotions are set. For Cinderella I see shock and indecision. The rest of the picture has a elegant raw feel to it. Keep up the great work.
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    7. Nyann Mar 23, 2020
      @Fossil yup! Because when I made them I didn't make them in one canvas either \o/
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    8. SoongKi Mar 23, 2020
      You drew this?? Omg, such a gorgeous art:aww::aww::aww::blobnosebleed:
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