Replaying Resident Evil 6 with Coop(Day 1 and 2)


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Hello and This is Arcy.

Well, this blog is going to talk about how i reinstalled resident evil 6 and this time with a coop partner.

Because of boredom and having this kid gonna bother me around all the day, why not make it entertaining by redownloading a game i already finished? Okay, this blog only focuses on the days we played together and mostly how the game progresses.

Warning: If you haven't played Resident Evil 6 and don't want to be spoiled, i recommend that you ignore this blog post.

Day 1:

I redownloaded the game and only played a bit with him because me and my brother usually do some shifts in tending to the store and i was setting up the game.

After it was done, we began playing and we started off with the Chris Campaign due to having more emphasis on the action scenes(which he usually likes to play). We began playing and i let him pick chris due to him being new and i already know how the game works so i decided to play as piers.

I first started off by giving him instructions as to how to play the game and he ended up not being able to use a gun(because he barely knew how to use a controller) which he now mainly beats the crap out of zombies with his fist.

Because of this, i slowly began my collection of healing items(which i began calling them drugs because of healing items are plants).

We began a bit and due to the difficulty, we ended up switching to leon's campaign because it may had been a bit too advance for him. We started off a bit again a bit and ended our play session at the city because it was late.

The only funny bit is that he began scolding me of my drug(plant) addiction, me laughing at his terrible driving skills(which i knew it was bias because of plot) and him getting run over by the train.

Day 2:

We continue forth to the city.

It wasn't much of an entertainment at first because we just kill zombies through the gun store.

However, when the fat zombie came in, we began screaming as i threw every grenade and explosives i had on me while he was being crushed to death by the fat zomb.

And as for the church segment, the funny bit was about him getting attack by the dogs and me kept getting into the holes and about the gas zombie chasing him around and me kept ignoring his help as i continue to search for more drugs.

The lab was more focus on me solving puzzles while he kept being swarmed by zombies i intentionally-i mean accidentally released and me screaming while being gangbanged by zombies and him losing his way.

The Sister battle was what i finally realized that the kid finally knows how to shoot as i kept getting molested by debora.

The falling cliffs made me regret my decision as i kept getting gangbanged by screamers and fat zombs while he barely knew how to use a sniper rifle and also kept getting scolded by him for failing to save him from the giant fish.

The airplane scene truly made us laugh out loud when he was tasked on flying the plane while i defend him from the zombies. I was doing fine defending him and when i ask him how his flying goes, we get a cutscene of him crashing the plane and failing the mission. We ended up switching characters and ended up finishing the mission.

We ended up finishing the session by us finishing reuniting with sherry and beating the boss.

It was fun, entertaining and we even had audience which brought out the fun while playing. We began to scold each other, having to stop me with my drug addiction and him slowly knows how to use a gun.

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    1. Nepuko May 21, 2020
      Well, glad you're having fun kek.
    2. Arcadia Blade May 19, 2020
      @GonZ555 I do want to stream this but because of the internet problems and mainly because the laptop can barely run the game(basically having to stream the game could make it worse).
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    3. Ryuukage May 18, 2020
      @GonZ555 No, you're not alone, I too like the a streamer messing around in the game, specially those he already finished just for the sake of fun, like doing a self imposed challenge of playing RE5 with a single initial pistol with zero upgrades and no usage of grenades and healing items, you can't bring ammo too unless you found it within the chapter.
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    4. GonZ555 May 18, 2020
      Arcy, you know you should've stream this instead of retelling the scene right?

      People likes streamers who fails or mess around with the game~
      (Or is it only me? :blobwhistle:)