Happy birthday me



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Heyyy..... It's my birthday.....
Had pizza as my celebration, and not much things todo.... Heh.
|・ω・`) so, how do you celebrate your birthday in quarantine time? I wonder.


    1. Nobody May 25, 2020
      We don't usually eat pizza, so eating pizza for a celebration is like having a cake for a birthday. :blobparty::blobparty:
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    2. Nobody May 25, 2020
      Belated Happy Birthday!!
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    3. SquadCammander354 May 23, 2020
      @911, I've had this tab hidden by among 90 others since Tuesday! :blobtaco:

      I also like celebrating my birthday with pizza, especially when it's so good and you get to eat as much as you want! I remember for New Years back in 2018, I bought a large pizza box just for me. :blobhero:

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    4. Ekfreet May 22, 2020
      Happy birthday fellow Daoist.
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    5. Fulminata May 21, 2020
      owoo happy belated birthday @911 ! wish you all the best!! :blobparty::blobparty::blobparty::blobparty::aww::aww:
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    6. Isti Ell May 21, 2020
      Happy Birthday!!!
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    7. Au Courant May 20, 2020
      Oh and if I were you, I'd turn on some music and get drunk! Doesn't sound like fun? Probably...
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    8. Au Courant May 20, 2020
      It says it was posted yesterday? Happy belated birthday! I hope you find true happiness!
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