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a. Similar thing as the above on Googling "Heimdall Blackwash" or "Heimdall Blackwashed".
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a. Similar thing as 2 prev. points marked as "a".
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-SJW rants
a. O.K, so there is a Marvel comic book love interest for Peter named Michele Gonzales. I have read that supposedly the MJ in the MCU is partially modeled after her. If that was the case, it was stupid to have the MCU character have the initials be "MJ". Now, is the Gonzales in the comics a Latina/Hispanic that is White or a PoC? If White, then Zendaya playing her in a Blackwashing of sorts. However, Michele's brother, Officer Vincent Gonzales, appears to be what one would be PoC. So, maybe MG is supposed to be a PoC. That doesn't justify the inspired version called Michelle Jones carrying the initial MJ. So, I see this as technically being a partial Blackwash of sorts for the MCU "MJ".

b. In the MCU, Ned Leeds seems to be physically and personality wise based off of Mile Morales' buddy, Ganke Lee. The character of Ned Leeds in the original comics is White. So, it seems that MCU was trying to pull a Asian-wash from one angle and using an already Asian. However, Ganke is Korean whereas the actor playing the MCU Ned is Filipino. While an argument can be made about Filipinos looking similar to Koreans in the eyes of some, that is still some what of an ethnic-bend of sorts. Now, I think it is more acceptable to have a Japanese or Chinese person play a Korean person because I think those two ethnicities have more of a shared history with Koreans than Filipinos do.

c. Let's not forget that while the Ultimate version of Nick Fury was modeled after Samuel L. Jackson, Fury from his inception was established as White.
d. So, all the 3 of the above cases for the MCU versions of said characters are race-bends of sorts.

e. Because Tilda Swinton is White, she should not have been cast as Ancient One. Because Valkyrie was established as a White blonde woman, Tessa Thompson should only be Val in cosplay or voice acting a White blonde Valk. Idris Elba being Black should bar him from playing Heimdall. Same goes with Sam L. Jackson playing Nick Fury. Doesn't matter if that Fury was based off of the SLJ-based Ultimate version of Fury. That is still Blackwashing. If SLJ was smart, he would have condemned the Blackwashing. Hogun should not be played by a Japanese guy.

f. Companies Blackwash because of so-called diversity and they know fans are irked by it. That is, they are doing to **** the fans off. Race-bending outside of mo-cap and voice acting is lazy. Race, orientation-, and ethnic-bending are lazy. Offended by this? Good.

g. This link shows an old comic book where Hogun (guy with the horned cap-thingy) is clear White or Caucasian. Now, there have been depictions of him looking Mongolian and he admitted does look that. However, he is clearly White/Caucasian: In the MCU movies, a Japanese guy plays him. If that actor was smart and did do his research, he would have realized Hogun is White. However, he went with it. To me, that is a form of being an SJW. Likewise, Tilda Swinton would have been smart to decline playing the Ancient One because that character was established as a Tibetan guy.

h. Race-bent castings and racial harassment are both despicable. To me, a person that fits the ideals/role of the hero is a person that is the same race and ethnicity as that character. Yes, I am saying Batman should only be played by White guys. I am saying that Cyborg should only be played by Black guys. Sure, give minorities representation but use characters that are of that representation. I am not a fan of whitewash or blackwashing.
1. If Superman was created as a Black gay man, I would be saying the same type of arguments that I have made here. If a character in a book doesn't really have a skin-color description, race-bend away if need be.
2. If you think that is alright for a White character to be played by a Black person but not the other way around and that I am racist for not liking blackwashing, well, that is some double standards there.

i. Say we have comic book character that has always been a straight White male. A movie or TV version changes his race, gender, and orientation. To me, he should always be his established race, gender, and orientation and played by someone of that race, ethnicity, and gender. When I say that, this counts alternate universe versions. For example, Batman should always be a straight White guy in all adaptations and comic book versions. Changing him like that, to me, is just catering to being PC. Make a new character that is adherent to other audiences. For clarification, I do apply the above to both official and fan-made adaptations.

j.However, there are some loopholes. Here are 3 examples: a dark-colored orc from the LOTR franchise being played by a White person under layers of costume, make-up, and CGI effects. Likewise, if the character has a colorful skin, getting a mo-cap actor or actress then digitally painting them with that skin might be another exception.

k. On Superman's representation: In the comics, Superman was raised by a White American couple. Superman is usually portrayed as a straight White man. I don't care if it was an adaptation of some alternate universe version of Superman that is Black (even then, I think that is whack as I think he should always be White), I think Superman should remain a straight White male. If Superman was written as a gay Black character, I would say the same thing if he was to featured in an adaptation where he's a straight White male. The reason I bring up the sexuality is because DC has been emphasizing sexuality to several of their characters in the DC TV shows or movies the last few years.

l. Sure, I admit to have hardly ever reading Superman as a kid. Still, my point stands and I am not a fan of retcons (just look at the Narutoverse). However, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to see a movie that has an accurate depictions of the source materials! Staying faithful to the source material for the character’s physical appearance and personality should not be hard.

m. Outside of mo-cap or painting (think Gamora from the MCU), race-bending is stupid. Same goes with orientation-, ethnic-, and gender-bending (unless the earliest character version was an LGBT). Thus, keep Catwoman as a White woman with the same hair/eye colors as the original.

n. Only have the character be an LGBT if they were that from the very start. Since the Amazons of Greek myth had a close relationship that might be blurred between sisterly/familial and romance, making a bisexual version of Wonder Woman might be justified.

o. From when they first began Whitewashing characters in film/TV to present, Whitewashing should have never happened. Seriously, with all the racial controversies behind Whitwashing, I find it stupid that Hollywood directors and producers still justify Whitewashing. Heck, even Blackwashing is stupid. Tilda Swinton and Tessa Thompson were miscast in their respective MCU roles.

p. Also, criticizing the casting is not necessarily racist or sexist, you SJW! If one says “Tilda Swinton played a character that was a guy and Tibetan in the comics. She is a White woman, thus Tilda Swinton should not be playing that role”, I don’t see that as racist! Same goes for knocking on Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie. Marvel has so many PoC characters in their comics yet they decide to do such bends!

q. When you have an established character, ]I think it is important to stay as close to the source material as possible. This includes not race-, orientation-, gender-, or ethnic-bending said character or having an actor or actress that is not . If the work is an original work, injecting as much sociopolitical issues as possible is at the discretion of the creative forces.

r. was some ancient Chinese character who was gay from the start but many adaptations straight- and White-washed the character, have an gay/bisexual/pansexual Chinese person play them in the next adaptation but don't -gender-bend that character.

s. A White person voicing a non-White person or vice versa can work though keeping an actor/actress of the same race and ethnicity if possible would be preferable.

t. If the earliest source material was a blonde-hair and blue-eyed straight White male in a comic book, all versions and adaptations of him including other comic book versions should be a straight White male though there is possible leeway on his derivative version's eyes and hair color.

u. In terms of diversity and original series, there is a time when SJWing is a problem. For example, say you have some historically-accutrate British period drama set in the 3rd century and there a lot of Black people, like almost half the cast. While Black people have lived in the UK for many centuries, I do question how many Black people lived in the U.K. in that time period. Even if there were a few thousand to 20,000, the fact that the population of the U.K. at time was likely 6-figures to over 1 million, most of them would probably have been White. Now, if said this period show had Black people in high ranks like a general, I do think that there could have been or were Black people in that area at that time having high ranks.

v. An original comic book series with the following notice: "This character or these characters will die in whatever issue number then get reincarnated as another race. As such, their reincarnated selves might have a differing personality". This is because you are letting the audience know from the get-go and are building up towards that".

w. On the whole race-bending and getting the right actor/actress for the role: It should be the right actor/actress of the race the character is. Now, if the character is of a race that is not real, then find the right actor/actress to mo-cap, wearing make-up (think Gamora from the MCU), or voice act said character.

x. Another common argument on I see is something like this: "Whitewashing that non-White character is bad because their race is a defining feature of them or is part of that makes that character who they are". Even though I rarely see this get mentioned, said people might even say "Making an LGBT character straight is bad because it is [-phobic term] and undermines a defining aspect of said character". However, I have occasionally those same type of people say something like "Just because this character is usu. portrayed as White, those are not things that define the character", "Just because this character is usu. portrayed as straight, that is not a defining feature of said character", and "That name is merely a mantle. A person of any gender could use that mantle".

1. O.K., using their logic, making a Black gay/bisexual/lesbian character into a White straight person or making a Black gay character into a White straight woman would be racist, sexist, and is anti-LGBT (namely something like transphobic). O.K., so if such things are defining aspects of a minority character, why doesn't examples like the following also apply: Making a straight and White character into a Black lesbian or a straight and White character into an Asian trans character?
2. News flash, you SJWS: heterophobia and racism against White people both exist, even though it is a lot less common than LGBT-phobia and racism against non-Whites.

y. Not SJWing but important:
Now, while it is better to have a Chinese actor/actress play a Japanese character in a live-action movie than a White person, it would help if they got an actual Japanese person to play said Japanese character.
Strong female character related:
-Tokenizing Catwoman and about female characters overall

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    1. Kadmos1 May 27, 2020 at 5:15 PM
      Where such a change is justified: Now if the character is supposed to be Chinese in a comic book but they were drawn in a Whitewashed manner or a stereotypical Chinese manner (like a Fun Manchu-style drawing), then later on making them look more Chinese is fair game. Heck, that is where the newer version can be and likely is better than the original from a visual depiction standpoint.
    2. mattomatto May 27, 2020 at 4:20 PM
      Ohhh let me just say i agree with your opinion.

      I really never get the idea to do gender-bend or changing the race of characters in movie that already established for years (like james bond, dc/marvel characters). It feels like those writers are just lazy to cater to sjw and pc.

      I wish they leave those characters alone and made new one for those diversity or genders.
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    3. Kadmos1 May 21, 2020
    4. Kadmos1 May 20, 2020
      Some of my most common tweets include:
      a. "-Many points made by me about these "bends". Even though I am hypocritical to rant because I may have or did not really read the source material, give me credit for putting a disclaimer in such discussions and admitting to such hypocrisy:"
      b. "-Writer commentary aside, the following shows that various race-, gender, and orientation-bends are a thing, especially Blackwashing: So, people who say that Blackwashing is not a thing are wrong. It is racist. Whitewashing is racist."
      1. Follow-up: "-Same ills goes with/for race-, orientation-, and gender-bending in general."

      -Hey, even live-action Japanese versions of anime films are sour in accuracy. I have not see the live-action AoT movies yet, but getting an Asian cast of a story that arguably has a mostly-Caucasian/White cast? Fail. I know that foreigners are a rarity in Japan, namely White ones, but that doesn't excuse the casting screw-ups.
    5. asriu May 20, 2020
      hmm on hollywood movies yeah kinda disaster~ dunno if it because of sjw or pc thing

      I watch captain marvel and wonder women~
      captain marvel leave lil to none impression hmm she is op.... thats all~ as for wonder women tho she awespiring ehem I mean just like traditional hero which it gender happen to be female~

      Charlie's Angel hmm the recent movie compared with previous one, it imo the new movie angel kinda bland? new trio angel start with different trait but during few scene later imo they same person who somehow have different face~ unlike previous movie that I can tell who is who~ new one it reek of female empowering thing to point if such thing happen on male empowerment this cat also wanna puke~

      Ghostbusters, it funny cuz the gender reverse oh wait actually even gender not reverse this cat still think it funny~ rate as comedy and cuz comedy meh not really mind it~

      Star Wars, not a fan nor dislike franchise either but story wise disney suck~ feel no tense~

      Avatar the last air bender movie.....
      Dragonball evolution.... just die~
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