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So in this blog I am going to talk about how I color my drawings. I think it has improved a lot in a span of few months. Well, even though its mostly my style, if you ever want to try coloring like me digitally ofc, then you may try.
So here are some tips! Ofc you can break and as well as make new rules and aesthetics anytime, but this is how i try to do the coloring. These are things i tried out myself and my coloring is definitely improving because of these methods.

- white is never truly white and black is never truly black.
Your character has black hair? screw it. Use a dark grey color instead. Use black only for shading the darkest corners of the drawing. In this drawing the dress looks black right? Wrong. Its not black even if it appears to be. Look at the sky behind her, that's black. similarly, does the white of the eyes appear white? Even if they do, even irl, they are NOT white.
I usually do the base color of white parts as white itself, but for the blacks i use a dark grey as my base.

- keep the texture in mind, if its a metallic object her clothes will have harder shadows and highlights, and if its a softer surface it will be more soft. If its made of silk or silky substance, or velvet, it will have darker shadows and bright rather than light pale highlights.
- choose a neutral base color
I try to pick a neutral base color. There is the color wheel, and then there is a box showing different shades and tones. I try to keep out from the edges for the base color and pick a color from the middle.

- I keep the color for the shadings in the multiply layer constant. BUT never ever black or gray unless its a dull painting in general. However you can change it (so can i) if you want. For example, i saw a painting the other day which depicted a big busted swimsuit girl in a bright af day, BUT the shades killed the look. She looked like she might have been standing in a rainy day. It was ashy. And there were no bright highlights.
- I keep the background simple to put the focus on the subject. I still need to improve my background art tho lol.
- Light travels in a straight path, so keeping that in mind try to do the shading. Its hard to actually figure out tho lol
-color in the direction the object flows. For the love of god, we all should and must do this thing a least. Unless we wanna go ahead and break the rules to be a master.
- again, DO NOT use the most vibrant/saturated or darkest color as base.
- apply the pen pressure appropriately, easy to say, hard to master. This is the whole trick to making good ass drawings I guess, no amout of technology, like the brush shade, density/opacity settings, or the texture of the brush can beat this imo. Though you need those too, of fucking course lol.
- DO not draw or color hair in strands in the base
- Try using colors that are in a different position in the color wheel, for example, for a red object, tr using purple shadows and pink highlights, it just makes the drawing a bit more vibrant.

The color wheel is the circle and the box is the tone/shade whatever lol. I pick the parts in the middle, but for white i pick white then do the shading.
Edit: after multiply WITH different colors, dull ble for reds and whites and pale peach for blue/hair and face.

Not a guide, basically how I do the eye color rn. I made this for someone who colored the eye in a totally solid dark color, even though there were light and shadow falling on rest of the parts. It makes the eye look lifeless (unless you are aiming for that look, but eyes are the loudest part of facial features imo)

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    1. HNCKrstl May 23, 2020
      I really like the eyes in all of your art. :love:
      true!! ^^
    2. Nobody May 21, 2020
      I like it. I just started doing digi art with my tablet, and I can't emphasise more on how different it is for me doing it on paper/canvas. This is very informative. Thank you.
    3. AliceShiki May 20, 2020
      Looks great Nyan-chan! *hugs*

      And the tips are nice! Though I'm terrible at drawing, so they don't really help me... T.T
    4. Au Courant May 20, 2020
      I didn't understand shit, but I still like it!:aww:
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    5. Evil_Ginger May 20, 2020
      Finally, we get to see how you do the eyes :blobsalute:
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    6. Cutter Masterson May 20, 2020
      Nice. Very informative. Great job
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    7. Isti Ell May 20, 2020
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