Replaying Resident evil 6 with coop(Day 3 to 5)


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This is the continuation of my last post and you can click the link for the begining for this post.

Also, this contains spoilers for the game so be warned if you haven't played it or don't want to be spoiled.

Day 3:

Continuing on with the mission, we get to the fake ada mission where we failed the timed event because of the lag(my laptop isn't optimized for gaming so i only set it up to barely run it). We kept repeating the missions due to a bug but eventually, we finished the mission.

The train sequence was kinda normal as we had finished it on the first try and after a lot of missions, we ended up for the second boss battle. The other missions were easily cleared and nothing major happens as all i did was retold the story to him since he didn't understood the plot while doing the missions.

When the second simmons battle happens, we began laughing as we showed no mercy even when he was downed. When i first did the qte, he basically blasted him with a shotgun while telling him that it was too much but it was ironic since when he did the qte, i blasted him with a sniper shot to the face.

The third battle begun and mostly nothing happend and the last battle with him was just meh and the only exciting part about it was the time where i need to move the conveyor belt while he needed to defend himself against the boss. He was yelling to move faster while he didn't even help me defend myself against the boss. And thats where we end the session after we had finished leon's campaign.

Day 4:

We started with Ada's campaign which he decides to switch to Jake because it was boring. So we did.

We continue forth to Jake's as all we did was just running and getting killed accidentally(both sides fault). When he decides to fight instead of run, i basically scolded him when we both reach the exit almost dead.

The funny bit comes on the sneaking mission where i go eliminate the bugs while he scouts their positions. Note to self: never listen to his scouting again.

What made us laugh however was the qte event where we had to use a drill to kill the boss and began screaming to do the qtes.

After the chapter was completed, we ended the session there.

Day 5:

The china missions were meh for us and continue the mission. I began to give lore to him about what resident evil was but he kept making wrong assumptions as we reached the endpoint and had to face off the final boss. He was so amazed that he can go hand to hand with the boss while i couldn't do sht as we complete the mission and ended the session there.

Welp, there's only two campaigns left so we might finished them sooner or later.

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