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soo, ever since i started drawing I've been a traditional artist. my very first experience with digital drawing was ofc using ms paint, which i think each and every one of us had experience of. but my first drawing using an app was around late 2015 when i first got my brand new, not second hand, mobile phone that have enough capacity to handle medibang paint.
i was really proud of it and did a couple more drawings with my phone. but after seeing other's works i got frustrated and thought i lacked the materials to improve, together with my hectic work sched, i stopped drawing both digitally and traditionally. after a few years of stagnating, i picked up my hobby again and started drawing and dabbling with watercolors. i also wanted to try digital medium again, but I've always thought to myself that i only have a smartphone and couldn't make anything decent with it so i should just forget it. fast forward to this month, i decided to give digital drawing a go again and did a sailor moon fanart posted in here
i still got a bit discouraged after it but decided to keep going. and so here is my latest work
[​IMG] [​IMG]
i guess it's true that if there's a will, there's a way.. so don't give up! :blobpats::blobpats::blobpats:


    1. Needyneedle Jun 30, 2020
      You did this with only using your phone? That's actually outstanding, my dude! I do understand that sometimes we get discouraged because of others. However, there will always be other people who are better than us. That's just reality but that does not mean we should keep putting down ourselves. I can't draw shit anyway, so you should think that there are people like me who can't draw shit, maybe that would help you feel better! Keep up with your drawings, my dude! You're doing great!
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    2. Fulminata Jun 27, 2020
      yess!! never give upp on art:blobhighfive:! :blob_pompom:
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