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Okay, this is just a story dump where i either dump this story idea or will make it. This is just a idea and its free to take if you want to take this idea into your own novel.

This is part 2 and if you wanna See part 1, here is the link for it. Evolution Slime

This starts out a Captain of a certain military squad who was reinstated to a new job where he would be a leader of a group for superheroes that take down villains.

All of the superheroes are like Teenagers who act like brats while the captain has a hard time dealing with them due to him being just an ordinary dude.

Yet, the superheroes learned why he was the leader of the group due to his efficiency and highly skilled tactics he pulls out in every situation they always comes across and manage to even rescue people in an efficient and precise way of using them.

Finally, they managed to uncover the hidden secret of him being the final weapon against them if they were to turn traitor and he'll be the only person to end them.

Yet, they slowly formed a bond due to them guiding him to become a parent while he slowly taught them good advices and choices which he always had a hard time and brought out the kindness of both sides.

(Now that i think of this, i slowly remind myself that there's actually an anime/manga with the same premise but i dunno where....)


    1. AMissingLinguist Jun 28, 2020
      The premise kind of reminds me of Zettai Karen Children with a mix of Yuusha ga Shinda. Sounds fun!

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