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Okay, this is just a story dump where i either dump this story idea or will make it. This is just a idea and its free to take if you want to take this idea into your own novel.

This is part 3 and if you wanna See part 1 and 2, here is the link for it.

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Okay, this starts out in a normal guy living in an apocalypic world where he was hiding from a certain person who is know to cause the chaos. He was then found by her after unexpectedly trying to scavenge for food and was about to die yet he was then teleported to the past due to that person's power and his clashing and barely survive the attack.

He slowly unravels at how beautiful the past was and decided to find a way to change the future. But by accident of his arrival, he ended up causing his parents to not meet, he also cause the person he was trying to change to end up falling for him.

Due to not living a normal life, his knowledge in relationship causes even more chaos while also dealing with beings that once caused troubles from the past but was unimportance of how impactful the powerful being was.

How would he deal with a life he didn't have, dealing with normal things a survivor from the future barely understands and even having to battle out with monsters while at it?

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    1. Bielt Jun 30, 2020
      @Arcadia Blade no worries ^^
      I am just saying that it's a good idea~

      There is no need to write anything about it for now~
      Stew it and when you have time and energy make something ^^
    2. Arcadia Blade Jun 29, 2020
      @Bielt while i find this to be interesting enough to be written, sadly i'm kinda busy with my other works that i'll probably just not writing this. I can write this but i have other novels writing and scrambling with ideas which i kinda post this on my story dump rather than start writing this.

      I can make a one-shot of this if you want. But as for novel wise... Kinda have to reconsider that for now.
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    3. Bielt Jun 29, 2020
      Actually sounds pretty interesting~
      Specially if you focus on the feelings of the MC instead of battles and such~

      Showcase how MC feels marveled at such a good place and at same time feels totally out of place in it because nothing is similar to his original life and his common sense is totally different~

      Do that and I think the story will come out great~