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I recently got an air plant! A while back I saw a Reddit post about an air plant in a shell and made it look like a jellyfish. I've seen about 3 different posts with air plants looking like and I knew I needed one! Fun fact, I am obsessed with jellyfish. So, a few months past and then there it was! An air plant with a shell on top to look like a jellyfish. I knew it was now or never. I went up and bought it! I have hanging up next to me and I'm so happy. I always worry about buyers' remorse when I buy things I don't need but I'm glad I went and bought it. When I brought it back I realized it bloomed! It has a little purple flower on it!

[​IMG] [​IMG]

That's about it for the blog. I wanted to write about something I could smile about. Recently, I've been in my head and have been a bit negative. It's unfortunate because I've recently turned 18 and graduated High School. Maybe, its the quarantine getting to me... So I wanted to write about something positive. I know it's simple but I love plants. Truthfully most of the time when I write blogs, I write them for my self. Its almost like a way to relax, ya know? I know, "WOW who knew writing is a way to express one's self and relax!", revolutionary idea. Anyways, thanks for sticking around! Have a great day and sweet dreams!

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    1. LaDyViL Jul 7, 2020
      @25th bamm This time it works. LOL that looks like an alien hahaha
    2. 25th bamm Jul 6, 2020
    3. lazyasianscientist Jul 1, 2020
      Awww i wanna see the pics . I agree with @LaDyViL you need to edit it :)

      Also congrats on your flowering air plant :aww::aww::aww::aww: your jelly fish is wearing a flower now~:cookie:
    4. LaDyViL Jun 30, 2020
      You might want to edit the images, they don't work. Get the .jpg links instead of the Google link.