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Heyo, Arcy Here.

The progress on the novel kinda slow down after releasing the 10th chapter. While i'm still working on it, i feel like i kinda want to slump a bit.

I might release the first chapter(Edited) on ScribbleHub and gonna keep a daily update on it.

But i'm currently stuck on some roadblocks and after finishing the 11th chapter, would i publish the work on ScribbleHub. Also, i'll continue my second work as well so it doesn't get abandoned but i might end it early since i'm not really interesting in continue to write anymore.

As for the reason, i am not into Fantasy and more incline on the modern aspect and character development isn't my strong suit. So i began to brainstorm a lot while working on it.

Anyways, thats it and hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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    1. Arcadia Blade Jul 31, 2020
      @Ryuukage I see... I'm currently on Ch 19 and a bit tired thats all. So, i'm currently brainstorming some ideas and maybe use them when writing for tomorrow.
    2. Ryuukage Jul 31, 2020
      @Arcadia Blade
      Haven't read that far yet, I'm busy making the chapter 16 of my own novel :blob_grin::blob_grin::blob_grin:
    3. Arcadia Blade Jul 30, 2020
      @Ryuukage if you have been on my wattpad, you already guess where my inspiration to this novel come from already. Its on chapter 14 if you want to know the name of the novel. XD
    4. Ryuukage Jul 30, 2020
      I just realized, your plot have some similarities with black tech net cafè, I don't quite remember the title, its a CN by the way, better check it out too, you might get inspired.
    5. Coffea to Ell Jul 30, 2020
    6. Arcadia Blade Jul 30, 2020
      @Coffea to Ell Nah, its more of being procrastinated and didn't want to write more that i'm having a roadblock with.

      Don't tell my readers.
    7. Coffea to Ell Jul 30, 2020
      Hope you find your motivation again after your slump....
      Rest well Arcy :blobpeek:
      hope you have a good day
      and good luck :blobpeek: