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Got the news that one of my Super Senior got married to her BF,great right? Well it isn't because that Bf of her's was abusive maybe still is. So, that got me thinking,why would someone marry the person who abuses them? What so great about that type of person? Putting your self respect aside and tolerating physical or mental torture, is this what LOVE supposed to be? I have seen many more girls like her getting abused by their bf but still chooses to stay with him. Some even tries their best to meet the selfish demands of their bf. Like if their bf doesn't wants them to wear a particular type of clothing they won't wear it and the irony is girls fight with their parents if they ask them to do the same thing. What makes a bf so special that they are willing to listen his words rather than their parents? How come a bf words sounds like a care to them while parents words sounds restriction (which is actually their care)? I have never been hit by my parents especially by my Father (well, a lot by my Mother though. Lol!) and i guess so do every girl (because believe it or not we are our Dad's favourite). So i can't think of letting go of a person who even tries to hit me. Physical abuse is still too far of a thing to think we shouldn't even stay with the person who abuses us verbally. Also it's not like only girls stays in a toxic relationship Boys do to. They will keep seeing a girl even if she doesn't treat them right and treats them like one of the thing she owns. Nobody deserves to be treated like a thing whether a girl or a boy. No love should be above your SELF RESPECT (at least that's what i think). The so called TRUE LOVE we think of only exists in movies. Movies makes us believe that Love is all sparkly and shiny. But it has more darker side to it than we know. Even we don't know what love is. We confuses love with infatuation or in some cases obssession. Only few people actually understand the depth of love. And embrace its both brighter sparkly side as well as its darker side. But I guess it's hard to find or meet such people in this world where people say I LOVE YOU all day like they say THANK YOU and SORRY without knowing that if they actually are in love or not!!


And most importantly WHAT IS LOVE??

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    1. Zeusomega Aug 1, 2020 at 7:58 PM
      What is love?... You love someone.. That's it.

      A relationship however is when both love each other, there can be relationships where physical abuses occur but they still love each other. It's complicated in the sense each relationship is built on different stones and is hard to judge.

      Sure humanity, compassion calls for knowing limits.

      But on the whole, love is simple... If you ever care about someone like you do to your dad or mom..then you are in love.

      What happens in that relationship is different.
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    2. Lost Soul14 Aug 1, 2020 at 12:16 PM
    3. Candisse Aug 1, 2020 at 12:04 PM
      Well for my personal opinion...
      Love is real.. BUT..
      In a relationship if your not happy anymore like in a way that it's repeating over and over.. And also your being abused and degraded by your so called partner.. Damn, wake up and leave him/her...
      But again, if you chose to stay.. Well it's your choice... Everything that we do is our OWN choice so we also must accept the consequences of our choices (oops I'm getting out of track (。>‿‿<。 ) )...
      And so, if it's like I tell you that is NOT love, it's only a Familiarization you feel to your certain partner.. And also, it's just being stupid, you chose to close your mind and your eyes, you can't accept the truth, so you stay and make yourself believe that everything is alright, you're just scared to be left behind, your scared of change, and you forget to LOVe YOUrSelf..
      And also (again) you yourself degraded YOUR SELF. Cause you just accept it, you yourself train yourself to be compliant and become His/her rag, trash bin, slave..
      Love should not be like that.
      We should always remember we deserve the best.. We deserve Respect, Care, genuine Love, most especially We Deserve OURselves, We should never forget to also Love Ourself...
      Each of us is born special, significant, and to love and be love equally. We are free. So why chose to live in the dark, sorrow and pain.. We are meant to live in light with God, He gives and sacrifices His only begotten Son Jesus just to save us, so that we can have the freedom and have a better life, so if you don't know what to do just talk to God His available to listen to you anytime of the day, talk to Him sincerely. A miracle might happen and He will then enlighten you that their is always another road you could choose to take and a much better one.. Then you can meet a better man, the one that he gives for you. Cause you deserve better, we deserve to be happy, and never give up, cause as long as we breathe we can always change,... So together let's aim for a better wonderful Blessed Life ahead of us..

      P.S. Us as a friend or family to that person in that kind of situation, if she/he won't listen, We pray and ask God to help us enlighten that person and to save that person, also we should not give on them, maybe let's approach them gently, make them realize little by little. Just don't leave them... Be their moral support, maybe we could help them by taking some of our time and take them to outside to explore, to enjoy, to communicate more to more people, to make them realize how wonderful it is to be love, to be cherished, to have someone who is there to waste time just to make them feel happy (of course I didn't say snatch them and become the bf/gf, etc. You know like family love, friends love that kind)
      So that they can realize themselves that.. Why his/her life is full of shit, why would he/she put up with it when their is something better, that she/he wants to be happy and deserve better.
      Just don't push that person too much to believe you that his/he scum partner is a big scumbag..or they will only distance themselves, approach gently...
      As saying goes, Pen is deadlier than a sword, killing with a smile??? (≧∇≦)/ what I mean is... I don't know anymore.. I'm lost on what I'm saying ≧﹏≦(Ω Д Ω)ಥ‿ಥ ಥ‿ಥ ಥ‿ಥ

      P.S. again Love is not just about romantic love, it's so broad we could not really fathom Love.
      So don't forget that their is love for family, love for your friend, love for your neighbor even the love that we don't like to accept the love for our enemies... Hahaha... Love for yourself, love for everything around us, especially the one that is more deserving for our love is to Love Our God, and don't forget that God is Love. ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
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    4. Lost Soul14 Jul 30, 2020
      @jex890 yeah i appreciate your opinion. I also do want to believe in love but have seen so much around me that has actually kind of scared me to fall in love :)
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    5. jex890 Jul 30, 2020
      I get it. But I think love is a complicated emotion. You can easily hate someone and love them at the same time.
      That is what I think is incredible about that feeling. That it is completely contradictory in so many kinds of ways its crazy.
      I think the Greek also proposed that there are different kinds of love. Like familial love or lustful love, or the love you have for a brother, or just pure love without any kind of lust.

      Basically, love makes absolutely no sense in the slightest. Thinking about it will only make it more complicated. But I think that shouldn't stop a person from trying to find out. Love is also subjective. For example, when I feel love I get a warm feeling in my chest, and I naturally start to smile around that person.

      Of course there are people who fall in love with the idea of love. But I think love is also something that is true and real. You don't really just fall in love. I think it is kind of like a seed. Something you have to cultivate and wait for so it can bloom.

      Basically, what I am saying is that, usually, falling in love with a person immediately just means you are attracted to their appearance most of the time, or you just decided, "I need to fall in love." While true love is something that you can cultivate with a friend or an acquaintance after a certain amount of time. And sometimes that love, devotion, and trust you place in another person just doesn't go away, which is why love can still exist within an abusive relationship, as the abused person might think, "I need to stay by his/her side." "I still love him/her." Or "I can help them get through this."

      Love is a beautiful and joyful emotion as much as it is destructive and life ruining. As a famous song says, "love is a drug." If you have experienced love, you will want to feel it again if you do not have control over it. Because love can easily turn into obsession.

      Well, I hope my thoughts on the subject helped clarify it a little bit more? I think your views are also quite interesting and very modern. Honestly, I think I want to believe there is love, because if not, do my parents not love each other? Do I not love my family? Do I not love my friends? So rather than asking if love is real, I think it is a matter of belief. So, do you believe in love? Or do you not?

      That is a choice everyone has to take.
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    6. Lost Soul14 Jul 30, 2020
      I get that all but i mean what about you in all that stuff. Even if a friend tries to convince them they won't listen to them and i speak this with my own experience :blobtired:
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    7. cutiebinkie Jul 30, 2020
      I watched a something on TV once, it was said that most women in an abusive relationship don't even know that this is an abusive relationship. They mught try to justify or find excuses for his actions; he hit me and promised not to do it again, maybe it's because I'm not trying hard enough, only he would want me, etc. It might be because of fear, abusive BF might threaten and all. In my opinion love cannot be defined by mere words. It's a feeling and you'll just KNOW, this is it.
      Not sure if I anwered your question:blobsweat::blobsweat_2::blobtired: but I'll be sticking around to hear other opinions.:blobsmilehappy:
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