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Title: With You By The Pillow or 枕邊有你[互穿]
Link: http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=3414702

This story is about a married couple who exchanged bodies and to get things normal, they must make the scoreboard 100. Except... their marriage was actually falling apart. The night before the change, the husband promised his girlfriend to divorce his wife. The wife found out after her husband's girlfriend asking her about the divorce.

She had spent her youth with him. She had loved him dearly, deeply held him in her heart. Enduring his family's wrongdoings and curses, she stayed stilll. She almost couldn't bear it when she found out what her husband did behind her back. When they were still dating, she got pregnant thus the husband proposed her. But unfortunately, she got miscarriaged. But the blame fell on her alone, it was as if people were blind to the fact that her husband neglected her.

His cheating was her final straw, she decided to use her husband's body to achieve things before giving it back to him. Honestly, just like the wife, I later became indifferent towards the husband. She no longer lovedd him and she would rather have no crossings with him. When you hate someone, that means you still have that little bit of care, so to know whether one has alreay let go or not, is to know whether she or he still hates or if she or he just feels indifferent.

I personally think that their body exchange is good for her, as she finally got her confidence back

The husband finally realized how mean he was towards his wife. He finally realized how crazy his family is, blood sucking family, cruel mother in law, and a good for nothing father in law. His mother, well, I gotta say that people like her do exist. You are incredibly lucky if you never knew one. She told our FL that she's nothing and spending her son's pay when in fact, our FL doesn't even know how much her husband got paid! It was great to see the husband experiencing the things his wife did. And his despair though. His father wow, I gotta say that apple doesn't fall far from it's tree, everyone knew that he had another woman outside and he only treated his wife as his property.

I'm glad that FL kept her stand even when the husband said that he regretted everything etc. She chose to divorce in the end, and freed herself. I also like how the husband finally tasted how hard it is to become FL.

He had some character developments, which is nice, but still won't redeem him.

What makes me feel suffocated is, the fact that how real this story is. Trust me, I know many stories like hers, and some of those women are not as lucky as our FL.

My friend told me about her uncle, who got inheritance of more than four thousand dollars and spent it on a woman and gambling even though his wife is selling food in stalls to support their kids.

I know about a woman, who is sooo hateful, but is unfortunate in marriage life. She once got a violent husband and in her third marriage, she was given a house, a car, and things, but her husband is derailed. (Still, she's so hateful).

I know a story about the cousin of my older sister's friend, who was cheated many times, and she was beaten up to the point her family had to rescue her and found out she had a broken leg.

I know a story about a beautiful doctor who got beaten up by when she was still married to her
ex- husband. Do you know what's crazier? The fact that her father is a powerful man in the state institution where her ex-husband worked. Her family had to separate them forcefully. I heard she has a boyfriend abroad now :)

I know about another beautiful doctor, she married someone from a different family background, in this case, they have a different race. Her husband's family really dislike her, probably because they think she's inferior when in fact, she's the daughter of a mayor! When she was ironing clothes, they would cut off the electricity, she also paid her MIL's meal in expensive restaurants, their family only like her son and never favors her daughter. I heard they almost got a divorce, but somehow, she stayed. It was said that's because she would take her kids to US.

I once had a very beautiful teacher, she has an elegant figure, soft voice, a great amount of patience, and a really feminime personality. Her ex was a very jealous one, before my classmates and I found out about her divorce, we used to wonder why she frequently changed her phone's case and cried while hearing about a song. What makes me shudder is the fact that the song is about a possesive man, but I was too young to connect the dots. I really dislike it when people rumor behind her back that she cheated. That's just mean!

I have a distant relative, whose father likes to get married. Yep, you read it right. Actually there are many people like him. These men will marry A and three months later he would marry B and in the end of the year he would marry C then next year he would marry D, and it keeps happening. When she got married, her mother said she would not attend her marriage if she invited her father. In the end? Of course she chose her mother. Dude, she was more than twenty three when her father gave her another half-sibling.

I know about a man, who has a high position in the company just like the story's ML. He already has a wife, but he still found a girl outside. You know what's crazier? He once had a fight with her because she locked the house he gave her but he could do nothing as he bought the house on her name. They once made a headline, and I heard that his wife demanded divorce. There are many men like him, so I once asked my parents, how the hell did they keep it from their wifes?

But after reading this story, I realized another key points in life. That sometimes, these women would rather keep quiet about it.

I've heard many chilling stories about marriage, outside, or even inside my family. I once wondered if I really want to get married. With all of those problems? But as I grow older, I realize that I just need to keep up with the flow.

As an asian girl, I know how prejudiced and cruel the society is towards my kind. Because even when you do the right thing, the blame will always fall on you. I'm just glad that I was born in a loving family that doesn't look down on girls. Some people use religion or culture to treat us less, some just don't give a frick towards our struggle. But the hardest and the harshest sometimes come from the same gender.

"He married another woman? Oh, that must be because she didn't serve him enough."
"You as a woman should be a submissive, your husband is your sky."
"Divorce? Wow, she's such a disgrace towards her family."

How many women suffer, with bruises and black eyes, just because people point at her as ungrateful and crazy when she asks for a divoce? How many women, silently cry under their quilts, when their husbands are away with their other women, afraid to be cursed under people's breath? Or how many women, let go of their jobs and dreams, only to be left with coldness, but couldn't escape because they have kids but no money?

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    1. Jevanka926 Aug 4, 2020
      @Fulminata glad you like it. These kinds of stories is actually not my cup of tea, but I fell in love with the FL. She was just so real, so... human. Both characters feel like human, somethings can be changed, some can't, and that's reality. I'm just glad she chose to let go and the ML accepted FL's choice without being a jerk, he did try to make her stay, but she was resolute, and that's amazing! They both love their daughter and they would give her the entire universe if they could, but they also know the craks between them is too big to be patched.

      Sorry for my long talk. I hope you don't mind

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    2. Fulminata Aug 3, 2020
      Reading your review, I'm now really intrigued by the novel! The premise that you've described was so painfully close to reality, and I'm really glad to know that the FMC still decided to
      get a divorce even after the ML regret his action and whatnot. Talks is cheap, yet abuses could cost you life! :blobhero::blobhero::blobhero:

      Putting this on tbr~ thanks for the recommendation :blobmelt::blobokhand:
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