Thank you for noticing me ! ‎(≧◡≦)



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It was hard for me to talk to anyone here in nuf and make friends because I didn't know a single thing about how the nuf community works.

I just became a nuffian this week, I am literally a newbie. Everyone seemed to be in groups already and I was also a bit shy to post on anyone's profile.

Luckily, there were very sweet people who took the initiative to talk to me ‎(≧◡≦) I also gained courage and started a truth or dare game with them and- yeah, it was fun. ‎(/≧ω\)

To those I have sent rude remarks because of the dare, @Clumsy Soul @Msmarl @SoongKi, please forgive me ‎(இдஇ; )

To @Isaac20, I'm sorry for dragging you into that ‎(✽´ཫ`✽) I swear I was just randomly choosing a member to troll. It wasn't deliberate ‎okay ? ‎(இдஇ; ) But you were still so kind to me, so thank you.

The dare was "profess your stalker love to someone you like in nuf". But since I was new, I didn't like anyone yet and just chose whoever.

I was outed in class today so I had time to sketch an imaginary scene of the "profess your stalker love" dare. I don't really draw digitally very often so it's not the best ‎(/≧ω\)

The people in the drawing are the ones present during the dare ‎(≧◡≦) umm @Shizukani @Naraina @Isaac20 @Hasty girl @Shalalalala

I'm too lazy to finish it, pls forgib me ‎(இдஇ; )


    1. Mikhail-san Feb 21, 2021 at 9:40 PM
      Hehehehe thank you @SoongKi-san ! ‎(≧◡≦)
    2. SoongKi Feb 21, 2021 at 5:59 PM
      @Mikhail-san It's OK. :blob_patpat: Welcome to NUF. Hope you will make some good friends and memories here :blob_coffee:
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    3. ViburnumDraco Feb 20, 2021
      oh, yaoi for the soul

      nice, nice :blobnosebleed:
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    4. Shalalalala Feb 20, 2021
      OmG OmG
      It's sooo cuteeeee:aww:
      *gives all of my likess*
      UwU adorableeeeee:blobmelt::blobmelt:
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    5. Shizukani Feb 20, 2021
      Hmmm... if Master is Hail's mom, won't that make Hail a Bocchan? :hmm:
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    6. Mikhail-san Feb 20, 2021
      @Clumsy Soul Yes yes ! You have enough amount of hair ! ‎(/≧ω\)
    7. Clumsy Soul Feb 20, 2021
      @Mikhail-san ......wdym, less hair? I have enough amount of hair. >.>
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    8. Mikhail-san Feb 20, 2021
      @Clumsy Soul Thank you, even though you have less hair, you will always be da best mum ‎(இдஇ; )
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