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This bl novel tag: transmigration to the past, cultivation? Not the main couple, war, ML gong is rebirth after killed in war? And MC shou is smart always have ideas for other. It quite nice to read the main couple is slow burn even the mc in denial first before finally accepting that he fall for the ml. They adopt theirs nephews/cousin and rise them but because war the kids only show in half the chap. Hm yeah it was okay to read not that sweet but not boring for me. Okay have a nice day everyone.

This is the mtl description :
Yun Weisheng grew up in the spring breeze. His parents died early, but at any rate he also got mixed up in college and graduated. The job was not going well, but the world was down. Everyone caught up with the trend and traveled to another world, hoping to have a strong root. But I didn’t expect that there would be a family. My relatives would be okay. I’m going to traverse my brother. I’m not easy to mess with. I’ll pretend to be weak. I’ll stumble and point my nose and scold my brain. I’m very capable of cooking and holding money. Who, you wait for me, let's calculate the account after we get into the bed tonight!"

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      I will check this out✌
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