44. BL 生了暴君反派的崽怎么破 Give birth to the tyrant villain's cub, how to break



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44. BL 生了暴君反派的崽怎么破 Give birth to the tyrant villain's cub, how to break
completed 246 chapters

A battle between supposed to be protagonist and usurper protagonist, a system v system, master with master. Very good reading for me. Will read it again for sure.

After Lu Hanzhi died in shipwreck in his world, he transmigrated into the ancient where there was a miracle medicine to change a young man who body structure fit the requirement into a ger. The medicine was strictly guarded and all. A man giving birth and mxm relationship werenot considered taboo there.

When he woke up, he was presented with the fact that he was just giving birth to his son whose father was unknown even to the Original. At that night, he was schemed by her cousin Su WanNing, the so called self aclaimed heroine. But for Lu HanZhi, he knew who was the man he slept with. His name was Yuwen Min, the fourth son of emperor but not favor, his mother died and at the age of 10 the emperor remembered he had this son and let Concubine Rong to be his mother.

Concubine Rong was from the military family, her Rong family had guarded the border, held the tiger tally, and was a hindrance in the emperor's eyes. But she gave birth to the eldest prince Yuwen Jue, and both mother and son were kind, nice and fair with Yuwen Min. For Yuwen Min, he only cared for both of them, so when they were murdered, in the last life he turned into a tyrant thirsty of blood and vengeance. The Original didnot know Yuwen Min and was died even before then because he was in the crown prince faction.

The Original was the jewel in the Lu family, his father, mother, grandmother and especially the 2 elder brothers loved to spoil him so much. But after the so called cousin, a daughter from his father's sister that came to the capital because all her family died in fire. Everything changed! His father and grandmother started to ignore him, and later on his mother too. Back then and now she used her mental ability to disrupt everyone's mind, and made them as her puppet. She also wanted Lu HanZhi to kill his newly born son. But this Lu HanZhi had his own system to repel her trick and escape from killing his son.

His father ashamed of him giving birth without husband, so he kicked him out to suburb village which was belong to Lu HanZhi's mother, she was of rich merchant family. For Lu HanZhi, it was good, he wanted to keep off from Su WanNing. He also needed to do the task from the system, money making and all so he could buy material and talisman to repel her ability and giving them to his mother, father and grandmother. The most important was his son was drinking the milk powder which he bought from the system's store like it was water lol At 1 month old, he was like 3-4 month old baby XD His son feet had 7 star mole in which was said he had the fate of emperor or soemthing like that.

The fight between Lu HanZhi and Su WanNing was not the usual story with the same theme I've read. It was not that simple to just kill her and be done with it. Later on, Lu HanZhi would meet with people that knew the secret of 3000 world and all that, and it'd be clear to Lu HanZhi (and us) of what's actually happened , why and how.

In previous life, Yuwen Min lost everything despite taking everything, this time he determined to walk a different way to protect his family. From indifferent, to amaze and admiring and thinking 'it's better to grab a smart guy like Lu HanZhi and placed him beside himself rather than be enemy like back then', into I love him. As for Lu HanZhi, he was in doubt whether he'd get back after he finished the task, so he was afraid to be close with Yuwen Min and friends. Slowly, he started to feel more and more like the Original, and confused which one was the Lu HanZhi. After he got the explanation, he felt relieved because they're the same.

One was taking the lead in military and politics, and one was helping to develop the country and people's life to be better. There were plenty of couple, the Lu's 2 brothers, the Yuwen's brothers, his friends too. 4 or 5 cute children too

246 chapters were not short, most of them were about Lu HanZhi business. After choosing the merchant route, he invented stuff like soap and cosmetics like foundation, lipsticks etc. Then went to invent toothbrush, tooth paste, ceramic, cement, building variety of bridges, black water aka oil, a high rise building, etc. Half of the story were dealing with Su WanNing's schemes, all the background stories and foreign country battle.

Forgot. The title is abt how Lu HanZhi was in dilemma how or should he tell Yuwen Min that the child's father was he himself. But Yuwen Min was very good toward the child, he treated him as his own, he also confused of why he could like/get closed to babies. Lu HanZhi said the child's father was a pig's hoof scum and made Yuwen Min to repeat it lol