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A while ago, I rode a cab from my school to my house because I was too lazy to walk and it's quite far. The driver keeps on asking about my name and what grade level I'm in, if I have a boyfriend already and even asked me take off my mask. I said no and he said (I don't know what's the equivalent term in English) that I was playing hard to get. DAMN YOU BASTARD I HOPE YOU TRIP OVER A BIG PILE OF SH1T. I have never experienced this before and I don't know. I wanna punch him at that moment but I'm not someone who resorts to violence whatsoever. I just told him to stop at a crossroad a little far away from my house. I'm still a little nervous because he saw my last name on my envelope damn.

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    1. SwordEmpress Apr 8, 2021
      ....."I'm speechless"
      What a creepo!! You should tell someone about that. Leave a bad review or complain to whatever online or company the cab was from. But the whole thing kind of borders shady and illegal thing to do.
      My advice is call the police next time or just get off and then call. Always have your phone on hand and if things get weird try to distance yourself from any of the similar situations with an stranger and get help/scream/get attention of standbyers. If possible keep some safety defense items on hand.

      Anything is possible and follow whatever safety tips you want cuz' it better to be safe than sorry.
    2. Yakinori Apr 6, 2021
      @Fulminata It's a traditional cab. The driver only knew of my last name.
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    3. Fulminata Apr 6, 2021
      Is this a traditional cab, or an online cab? You can certainly file a complaint to both, although the latter is easier..
      Sadly, the latter also has more chance to remember your name and address...
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