I'm trying to fall asleep....(But I think I need to rant first)



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I'm so tired but I can't fall asleep. The quarters about to end but I have so much makeup work to do. I was pulling a nighter but all kinds of interruption kept popping up. I was starting to get tired so I had some coffee and then start to concentrate again but my computer decided to crash in the middle. For some reason the WiFi disconnected and won't reconnect at all... Ugh.
Then it finally did but my concentration and mood went out the window. I kept doing more work for another hour but couldn't concentrate and felt tired.

I was gonna do all this over the spring break but me and my whole family got sick with you know what. I had the lightest symptoms so I took care of everyone. Mom went out of the country so I was 24/7 in charge of my toddler baby bro. And come on he doesn't eat, super picky, have to come up with all kinds of methods to feed him food and medicine. He lost so much weight. As much as I'm annoyed, I'm still too soft hearted.
Even right now I have to wake up(too bad I'm still not asleep yet) at godly hours to give him milk and trick the sleeping brat into eating his medicine. ugh gggg.

So much work to dooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
God why!!!!
*I had to rant this out* *I kind of feel better.....huh


    1. SwordEmpress Apr 8, 2021
      Yeah will do Thank you!!
    2. Bad Storm Apr 8, 2021
      Sounds like a very tiring few days. Fighto!
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