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Dear X,

How have you been? It's been more than a year since the last time we texted each other. Oh wait, it's been three years-- or maybe four. Time somehow dilutes my memory, well, not that I'm someone with a good memory either.

I once thought that it would hard--- even near impossible to forget you, and guess what, I was right. Trying to let go was such a torture and I wish I would never go through that phase anymore. But well, I'm just a human after all. How can I be sure?

Anyway, I know this letter will never be sent, like another pile of letters for you. Yes, this letter will never reach you, this letter will never be left on your table, this letter will never catch your eyes, and this letter will never have the chance to be read by you. And I think that's for the best. For you, for me, and both of us.

I know I'm never more than just a friend to you. I'm not sure whether you blame me or not about that night (I'm quite conflicted on whether I should hope you've forgotten it or not). I know you had someone you liked and she sounds amazing.

I saw your picture with my friend, I think one of the reasons why I couldn't pass the selections for the passing years is a way from God so I can let go of you. I can't imagine letting go of you when I could see you.
People have been telling me to never take it personally, as your decision is probably the best for you (and maybe for us), and I know I was not the wisest and I hate the way everything ended, but now that I look back, I don't really hate myself anymore.

I know telling you about my feelings was uncalled for and put you in a hard place. I understand why you chose to cut all ties with me; deleting your accounts, blocking me. I know I may sound annoying, but telling you the truth was the best.

I saw your girlfriend and honestly? She's sooo pretty and considering how she could be there with you already proves that she's just as smart as you are. As a friend, I'm also very happy for you. It's great to know that you're happy and I hope that everything will go well for you. Yeah well. That's it. Today will be the last time I write a letter to you. So... Goodbye? Take care, X. Also, thank you for all the times where you accompanied me through those -quite- hard days.

No longer yours,


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