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Having inadvertently stumbled on the true cause of aging, I've decided to document my complaints before succumbing to natural causes. Of those complaints is the main cause of my anguish:

A blank sheet of paper! Harghhhh!

Okay. So early last year I had a really stupid thought, and It went something like:
"I like reading novels and daydreaming! Maybe I should try and write a proper story for once!"

And like, maybe somewhere along the way there was mention of crabs, rhubarb, pimento cheese, and visual novels.
Ba-da-bing! Ba-da-boom! My fate was doomed!

Cause now I'm making a visual novel.

Well, I'm not too worried about the other stuff since they're pretty straight forward.
But the story part? The other half of what makes up a visual novel?

Nooooo wayyyyyyy. How do people even write stories?
The only times I've ever written something was with a prompt and even then it was really weird (if not amusing for my geography teacher). I've tried looking up ways to plan a story but none of them really worked.

I feel like I'm the, 'regurgitate-random-thoughts-and-refine-it' type.
Now, I would totally do it that way... except I feel directionless on parts of the story that are actually supposed to have substance.

Hence, my anguish! I wanna stab a piece of paper!
I buy metal pens for a reason ya'know?!

Don't test me paper! I already have enough of those this time of yearrrr!!! OORYAHH!!!
(Oryah? What kind of shout is that...)

Mmm, I guess I'll write a short story and adapt that to a VN.
Sounds like the simplest way to go about it. Un.

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    1. Agentt May 6, 2021
      Author here! My story is a trash comedy which only 2 of my friends read, so being so successful, I thought of giving an advice.
      You know that thing where you are drawing but as soon as you draw the first stroke, you feel the angle or length is long, so you erase it and try again and again till the time the whole paper tears up?
      That's how it will feel like.
      A good way in order for this to not happen is to ignore the mistakes, leave them for later. Accept your work is garbage and keep doing as many mistakes you want!
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    2. Bad Storm May 4, 2021
      I have no visual arts skills... me jelly

      Wish you luck on that impulsive desire to write story though! It's not that hard and practice matters a lot.
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