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I have been thinking to author a novel the plots here
the story is about an mc who lives life as an orphan and has heterochromia for some unknown reasons
especially with red and blue eyes which no human has on earth
his orphanage is a disguised government lab in europe studying on shady things which people dont know
he escapes to japan his origin according to his files
he investigates about himself and his origin​

this story continues for 3 volumes like a prequel for another series and then comes a comedic story full of fun after this if this is a success
I have the foundations for this novels might author it next year or so

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    1. Reaper.ChaosKamifumetsu May 10, 2021
      oh this is my first otaku style novel (no offense to otakus) unlike english classics which i used to do before
      but the problem is whether those judges are otakus cause you know i participate in contests in uk so very problematic @imK
    2. imK May 10, 2021
      Do it. It won't hurt you any to give it a try (other than sacrificing some free time) and you'll learn a lot about yourself in the process. Best of luck.
    3. alberu May 5, 2021
      Yasss go for it!! ♡♡
    4. Reaper.ChaosKamifumetsu May 5, 2021
    5. zisefenghuang May 4, 2021
      Sounds interesting. Good luck.
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