BL 1. Title 小哥儿异世慢生活 Little brother, slow life in another world



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I found out, this one has been picked up. So, I make new post for this. Go and read there

1. Title 小哥儿异世慢生活
Little brother, slow life in another world

Completed in 80 chapter + 5 extras.

MC is Miao He, transmigrated into a ger body of the same name. He married to ML, the hunter in the village called Yang DaLang, who parents were gone but his families were kind and good to him.
MC with the help of his golden finger, the spirit soil, managed to be a vegetable/fruit farmer and big landlord. MC told ML of his ability and together they used that to make money in the planting field. It's a slow daily life and face slapping done slowly too.
There was another transmigrator too, he went into a ger body too. He managed to use his modern knowledge to help himself but too bad he took the wrong people to help himself and instead be colluded with their impure thought and walked the hard life.
Commoner life through time and space farming.

Review (I kinda forgot my impression since it's been a while lol ) 3star
So so. Some of the conflicts werenot solved in detail way, and lack of follow up. The explanation of MC's power is confusing. Hmm, the ending is just like a straight line mood.
The extras were some kind of AU of another rebirthed, and honestly it was so badly written and kinda forced.

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    1. SylviaViolet Jun 16, 2021 at 12:39 PM
      I think I've read this one before, and the ending did fall flat.... Lack of explanations for the powers is kinda fine in my opinion because we rarely ever get those. Only the best ones have good explanations. 3/5 sounds about right.....
    2. Kaylee Jun 11, 2021 at 3:29 PM
      @Suzie Hmm.....I dont know how to answer your question.
      If you want to, you can go and ask them.
    3. Suzie Jun 11, 2021 at 7:59 AM
      by the way I like novel that you just post..☺️
    4. Suzie Jun 11, 2021 at 7:58 AM
      hai..I want to ask if I want to translate Chinese to English,do I have to ask the author permission to translate the novel.