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this isn't like, a serious blog post or anything, I just wanted to see how it works so i'm just kinda bs-ing my way through this until I fully understand how to use the blog.

anyways, when I was younger (like in fourth grade) I discovered the wonderful, wonderful world of fanfiction. And it was because I had been reading the sixth Harry Potter book and I thought to myself "I don't like the Ron/Hermione ship. I like Draco/Hermione." That just started a downward spiral for me, where I discovered (not Wattpad, surprisingly enough) and I just really enjoyed the fanfiction I read.

Then to take it one step further, when I was in middle school, I decided to write my own fanfiction. It took some time but I decided to start with Warrior Cats (mainly because one of my friends was also writing BumbleWing fanfiction at that time). And let me tell you- it sucked. It was so awful, whenever I think about it, I cry.

But, I mean, it helped me grow and nurture my writing skills, until I inevitably joined the Voltron fandom (in 2018 on tumblr- not the best time) and started writing klance fanfics.

I also had this (really, really short, and really, really dark) kpop x reader phase. I- i'm not proud of it, but the first fanfiction I ever posted (on tumblr) was a Woozi x reader coffeeshop au, so it's very special to me, but at the same time, I won't ever be writing anything like it again.

It's not that I don't enjoy x Readers (or reader inserts, whatever you call them) or kpop fics, it's just that it was so awkward to write after one point, like 'Oh my god, this person actually exists.'

So yeah. That was my step into the world of fanfiction.

First fanfic I ever read: (I love marmalade fever on, they are amazing fro DMHG/HGDM fics)

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    1. SylviaViolet Jun 16, 2021 at 11:33 AM
      Sounds like a really nice journey you had there. Despite being a person who breathes reading, I've never delved into the depths of fan fiction before. Sure I've read a few fan made novels about my favourite novels and anime, but just seems so intimidating to me for some reason.........:blobfearful: