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I am but a raindrop. Born in the storm called life, and falls to the ground due to the force called fate. My life is as fleeting as my fall, yet intricately chaotic. I know nothing before my creation, neither do I know what will happen as I land, but I know everything that I passed through in my fleeting existence.

We can never control where the storm drops us and why it does. Sometimes, there are those dropped in the mountains, some in the forests, and some in the ocean. But as I fall, I can't help but curse at how unfair the storm is. I didn't feel reconciled that I'll fall into the ocean. I felt sadness and anger that I'll be part of the many.

I wanted to see much more. I longed to see the mountain peak, and temper the rocks. I wanted to see the forests and sprout endless life and vitality. I did not want to be those other raindrops that would only cause a shallow splash in the endless ocean, before falling uncontrollably and assimilated.

With the wind called strive I almost made it past. Almost. Before I entered an area called depression.

In there, everything felt as if it's weighing down on me. As if it wants me to fall faster. I wanted to ride the wind called strive to get out and pursue my dreams yet I didn't feel a single thing. The wind I called only went up, and as I was falling down I was greeted with cold and bitter uprising wind called reality. Parts of me evaporated as I met the harsh humid winds called hardships.

It was there that I faced my bitter struggle and watched as my strive and efforts were rendered useless, and it was just an inevitability for me to fall into the ocean. I tried hard, with every second of my fleeting life, to try and escape that area. And until now, I still haven't escaped. Maybe I will next second, maybe next ten seconds, or maybe until the end of my fleeting existence.

Maybe I'll realize something, something that will help me break the shackles of my helplessness and eventually scale the mountains and traverse the forests. Or maybe I'll die trying, and realize the futility of my actions. But until then, I'll still be here, free falling in the air, waiting for for the wind to take me away, or waiting for my inevitable end.

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      This is amazing darky-chan~!
      I didn't know that you have some skills in writing!!, It's great!
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